Faye's Story

Faye Parsons


Name: Faye Parsons

Role at Häfele: Marketing Apprentice

"After completing my degree in Interior Design, I knew I wanted to stay in design and specialise in digital. Continuing my education in something I was interested in was a priority for me and getting paid was a bonus. Häfele are well known in the trade and I was looking forward to experiencing working for a large company. I heard about the opportunity to start an apprenticeship within the Digital Marketing team through someone that already worked there. I had met her at my old job. From here, I applied for the role of Marketing Apprentice and was successful. I have been in the role for 7 months now."



1. What did does your apprenticeship involve?

"My NVQ is very broad in digital marketing, there are many routes to explore and I am currently learning them all. My team are very diverse, coming from different backgrounds and have a broad and detailed knowledge in digital marketing. I work with colleagues from around the business and contribute to numerous projects, which as an apprentice, is very beneficial. I have learnt how to communicate with B2B and B2C audiences through social media, email marketing, digital advertising and website content. I complete my NVQ coursework at work, in line with my every day responsibilities, and have monthly catch ups with my tutor, who makes sure I am okay with everything and that my coursework is on track."


2.  What is your favourite thing about being on an apprenticeship?

" My favourite thing about an apprenticeship is gaining a worked base qualification. Being able to learn on the job, gain experience and skills will help me towards my future. Currently I am only 7 months through my NVQ and so far, I have gained great knowledge of the business and the trade, and a wider knowledge in digital marketing."


3. What would your advice be to anyone looking to do an apprenticeship?

" I would always advise someone to do an apprenticeship if they have the opportunity. Learning on the job and gaining experience has a huge benefit in itself, and being paid to do something you enjoy is a bonus. An apprentice can provide new and upcoming ideas which will benefit the company."


4. What was it like working for Häfele when you first started vs what it is like now?

" When I first started at Häfele it was nerve racking as the company is an international corporate business, which can be intimidating for someone coming straight out of university. However, shortly after I arrived here, I felt welcomed and relaxed. Now I enjoy working for a large company and every employee is always friendly and always willing to help."