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When it comes to selecting the best decorative handles for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, cabinets or other furniture, it can be daunting due to the many different shapes, colours and textures to consider. If you’re looking for decorative handle inspiration, here you’ll find the latest information about styles and trends.


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Handle styles

It’s no surprise so many of our customers want the latest decorative handles inspiration. After all, a cabinet or drawer handle can completely transform a kitchen or bedroom. If you take a simple dove grey cupboard or wardrobe door, for example, you could keep the aesthetic classic with a stainless steel knob handle. Alternatively, you could team it with a black bar handle to achieve a modern industrial look. Whether you’re installing a whole new kitchen or bedroom, or simply revamping an existing space with new accessories, here are some of the most popular handle styles to choose from.

Sleek & Simple

Ideal for minimalist or modern kitchens, sleek and simple bar handles or pull handles make a style statement in any home. We particularly like this style of kitchen, cabinet and drawer handles in black, bronze and copper finishes. Alternatively, chrome goes well with most interior design schemes.

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Modern Life

When it comes to getting a modern look, adding bar handles or bow handles helps to give you bold and sleek lines. Choose decorative kitchen or bedroom handles in strong colours, such as black or blue, or opt for a contrasting cabinet handle colour to make it stand out against the furniture for a bigger impact.

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Gola Profiles

Gola Profile systems are ideal to achieve a contemporary, sleek kitchen design. Compared to more traditional cabinet handles, profile handles give a flush-fitting, handle-less style. You could opt for a Gola Profile in a similar tone to the cabinet for a seamless finish, or a contrasting colour will make more of a contemporary design statement.

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Classic handles, such as cup handles and round knob handles, look timeless in all kitchens and bedrooms. Chrome is often a popular colour choice for classic handle styles, but you could also bring this style more up to date with a different choice of metal colour and finish like bronze or brass.

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If you’re after shabby chic or country cottage charm, choose from our selection of vintage style decorative handles for kitchens, bedrooms and furniture. Popular styles include cup pull handles, drop or pendant handles, and D-pull handles. Choose brushed bronze or copper for a beautiful aged look.

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QWhat do I need to check before replacing kitchen door handles?

Without the need for drilling additional holes, you'll need to find handles that will fit existing holes in the cupboard door. We suggest measuring the distance between the centres of the two fixing holes and compare them against the preferred cabinet handle designs you want.

QDo all handles come with fixings included?

Only a selection of handles come with fixings, for which information can be found on product pages. The fixings included are typically M4 screws. These are used to secure the handle from the back of the cabinet door or drawer.

QCan I get different sizes with the same design?

Many of our kitchen unit handles are available in a large range of sizes, allowing you to complete the look of your kitchen. You can see the range of sizes available for each handle on the product pages of our website.

QCan handles be used for all applications including kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms etc?

They certainly can. In fact there is no where in the home they can't be used.