Kitchen Doors Inspiration

The difference a door can make

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kitchen cabinet doors are the gatekeepers to the storage, appliances and utensils that sit behind them, but they are also one of the most important design elements in a kitchen, bringing together the whole aesthetic. 

The right kitchen doors can make all the difference when designing a kitchen. Whether you are working on a living space that requires warm neutral tones and a classic shaker style, or one that has more of a contemporary edge, with a handle-less finish, the Aspekt range has a variety of cabinet doors to suit.

With minimal installation requirements, replacing kitchen doors is also a great option if your customer is looking for more of a quick refresh; providing a quick and affordable refresh, with impressive results. 

Design Style

When it comes to kitchen design, it’s the finishing touches that really define a style. Lighting, handles, worktops and splashbacks all play a vital role in bringing together a design style, but one of the biggest focal points in any kitchen is the cabinet doors, which often boarder the whole living space. Whilst there are many design styles that homeowners opt for, often they fall into one of two categories; traditional or modern. The impact that the cabinet doors can have on delivering these styles is significant.

Design style inspiration


Kitchen designers will be well aware of the impact of colour on a living space. Some homeowners opt for a neutral palette, bringing out pops of colour in accessories or appliances, whilst others go bold with statement colours throughout the whole design, including cabinet doors. This is where the personality of the homeowner, and details of design, really shine through. The Aspekt range of kitchen cabinet doors offers options to cater for all, from beautiful matt dove grey, to ultragloss aqua blue.

Colour Inspiration

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You will find everything to complete a kitchen, both inside and outside of the cabinet. Create on-trend styles, maximise storage and use lighting to define spaces.