Aspekt Kitchen Cabinet Doors FAQs





​​​​​​​Do the kitchen doors come pre-drilled for hinges?


Not as a standard. This gives greater flexibility for you to decide whether you would like left or right hand door opening. 
Do the doors come pre-drilled for handles?No, because of the large amount of handles that are available we cannot drill the handle holes.
Is the 2 piece shaker better than a 5 piece shaker?No, this is only a design trend aspect.
Do you offer any additional colours outside of your standard colour and size portfolio?For any queries outside of the standard range please contact your Häfele Sales Representative.
Do you do glazed doors?Yes, it's available in the York Shaker.
What is the thickness of the Aspekt doors?All our doors are either 19mm or 20mm thick.
What are the doors, drawer fronts and accessories made from?Our doors are made from foil wrapped MDF. 
Are these the Egger colours?Yes there is a equivalent egger colour reference, however please note some are not exact matches.

Door Accessories

Can you use Gola profiles with the doors?This is up to the cabinet manufacturer, they can make the cabinet slightly higher by approximately 25-30mm and potentially overcome this by reducing the plinth height for Gola profiles. Vertical Gola have a pre-formed handle/door overhang.
Is edging tape available for all the doors?Yes except for the ultragloss doors, but we're working on this as a future development.

Marketing Material 

Where can I find the technical information on the Aspekt doors?Häfele have a electronic version of the Aspekt Product Information Guide where you will be able to find all the technical information. Copies can be made available upon request. By getting in touch with your Häfele Sales Representative.
I am an existing Häfele Customer and would like to use imagery of the Aspekt doors. How would I get this information?To request imagery, please contact your Sales Representative.

Placing Orders

How do I place an order for the doors and accessories?Speak to our Customer Support Team on freephone 0800 171 2909 or speak to your Häfele Sales Representative.
Can I place my order online for the doors and accessories?Yes, you can place your order through your own account login. If you haven't been issued with log-in details please email the customer support team at or


What is the guarantee on the doors?All Aspekt doors come with a 6-year lifetime guarantee.

Door Maintenance

How do I generally care for my doors?As with all timber based items our products should not be stored or installed in a newly plastered or damp environment. To avoid damage by excessive heat please follow these simple guidelines:
  1. When installing doors adjacent to ovens always ensure that doors are shielded by using heat deflector strips
  2. Never use any appliance which generates high levels of heat or concentrated steam (such as a toaster, kettle or pressure cooker) directly under or adjacent to a door or panel.
Gloss & Matt coloursAfter removing the protective film please allow the
surface to cure for seven days before cleaning
or wiping. Polishing High Gloss finishes will leave minor scratches and polish marks, this is normal with this type of finish.
How do I clean the door surfaces?Wipe using a soft cloth with a mild, non abrasive,
dishwashing detergent diluted in warm water. The mix
should be 1% detergent to 99% warm water (not wet).
Dry off with a soft dry cloth. You should never use any vinegar based detergents, solvents, abrasive detergents, white spirit, Brillo pads or furniture polish.
What products are available to care for my doors?Häfele sell VuPlex Anti-Static polish for gloss surfaces and the Microfibre cloth. Refer to the Product Information guide for more information. 


What is the lead time?48 hours, based on orders being placed up to 3.30pm Mon-Fri.


How do I return faulty doors and accessories?Please send an email to or call us on 0800 171 2909 so that we can process this for you.