Grass - Tiomos Hinge Systems

With its stylish design, maximum stability and adjustable soft-close damping, the Tiomos hinge from Grass is currently the best possible movement solution for furniture doors.

  • One range to cover all applications - for glass, mirror, aluminium frame doors and ultra thin wooden doors through to doors opening at variable wide angles
  • Perfect alignment with a turn of the screwdriver- three movement dimensions; depth adjustment by +3 to -2mm, height adjustment by +/-2mm and overlay adjustment is +/-2mm with limit stop
  • New and unique kinematics - optimised lever movements for ease of opening plus an unprecedented alignment possible with minimum gaps
  • The whole damper technology is concealed within the hinge arm and offers three damping levels for individual comfort
  • Fully integrated range – fully adjustable, covering every application
  • Includes soft close and Tipmatic (touch to open) versions
  • Supports the latest in ultra-thin doors trend in kitchen design

Grass Tiomos Hinge Installation

The complete step-by-step installation video to assist you with Tiomos assembly: