The LOOX System – a flexible solution

The Loox system is offered in 12V, 24V and 350mA with a range of popular LED lights to suit. This clever, flexible system makes it possible to have a range of applications and solutions, and provide meaningful combinations to meet your design demands.

  • Available in 12V, 24V or 350mA, developed to be adaptable to power systems worldwide with suitable leads to be used internationally.
  • This modular system is easy to assemble and install as each system is colour coded with simple plug-in connection.
  • A variety of LED light designs are available for recessed and surface mounting including down-lights, flexible reading lights, strip lights and drawer lights.
  • Create functional or mood lighting, fusing direct or indirect lighting options with varying colour temperatures.
  • Battery operated lights: Available with integrated motion detection and automatic shut-off, ideal for wardrobes, storage applications and drawers.