MX Components & Accessories - Customise Your Way

Customise drawers to your own specification with our range of MX components offered in silver-grey for a stylish, chic finish to your project.

  • Drawer runners with 30kg or 50kg load capacity and a range of depths between 270mm and 500mm.
  • Double wall drawer sides, 92mm high with vertical inner side for optimum use of space.
  • Height extension side panels available for securing pan drawer contents.
  • Side rails and cross rails for segregation of contents.
  • Front panel for internal drawers to be realised
  • MDF, aluminium coloured drawer bases and backs 16mm thick, FSC certified, supplied 450mm deep. Can be cut to suit other sizes.
  • Drawer side and runners sets available, 92mm high, 30kg & 50kg load capacity