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PlasmaMade® Air Filter

For health conscious cooks or those with asthma the PlasmaMade air filter is something that should definitely be considered when installing a new kitchen or replacing an existing air filter.

PlasmaMade is a great addition to Häfele’s kitchen product range, a stand out efficient air filter the PlasmaMade has added health benefits for residential and commercial kitchens.

The filter ensures a healthy indoor climate by converting polluted air into clean healthy fresh air. It also removes grease, pollen, viruses, fungi, bacteria, smoke, allergens and other unpleasant odours in the home without the loss of heat saving customers money on their energy bills.

Unlike a traditional plasma or UV filter the PlasmaMade filter can be fitted to any type of cooker hood whether new or existing. Due to not requiring a moisture filter it also carries a Class III Appliance certification and it is self-cleaning so does not require maintenance for 5 to 10 years.

Other benefits:

  • Works horizontally and vertically
  • Quick assembly
  • 5-year warranty
  • Low maintenance self-cleaning
  • Efficiency > 95% at 200m³/h capacity
  • Filter will last a (cooker hood) lifetime

To view more information and purchase a PlasmaMade filter please  click here.