Slido - Optimising Space Internally

Slido internal sliding doors are available for either pocket door applications or straight sliding applications and are tested to the EN 1527: 2013 standard.

  • Slido 80-M for up to 1800mm maximum openings allows interior wall mounted wooden doors to slide across openings as if they were floating with tracks and fixings hidden away from sight. Available in sets for 1 door fitting. Suitable for residential partitions or hotels.
  • Slido Classic 40-P / 80-P for a maximum opening of 1000mm is available with or without softclose for smooth running interior doors. Sold in sets for 1 door with optional décor panel available.
  • Slido Classic 80B / 160-B for up to 926mm/1026mm openings respectively in an internal straight sliding pocket application that allows the door to disappear into the wall, complete with solid pocket assembly or as a kit to create the pocket for easy fitting. Sold in sets for 1 door and both available with soft-close options.