The Latest Bedroom Trends and Developments

Just like every other room in the house, demand for compact furniture and clever storage has grown significantly over the past few years, driven by the growth of small, or even single occupancy housing. In 2016, over quarter of the 27 million households in the UK were occupied by just once person. A reduction in bedroom footprint means that furniture and storage needs to be more compact than ever, maximising every inch of space for the user.

Innovation in technology has also been a huge driver for design with smart devices and gadgetry being integrated into every area of the home, including the bedroom. Buyers are looking for innovative ways to incorporate this technology into the home so that ultimately, the technology works around the homeowner. TV screens that slide in and out of cabinets at the touch of a button are a prime example of how such innovation can be directly integrated into furniture whilst maintaining a sleek and compact design.

What styles of bedrooms are most popular at the moment?

When it comes to style preference, research suggests that contemporary design is rising in popularity over a more traditional look with 69% of bedroom furniture buyers favouring a contemporary look and 31% opting for more traditional design. Within contemporary design, the Scandi-chic and minimalist styles continue to grow in demand, complimented by clean lines and muted colour palettes.

Just like with other rooms in the house, it is imperative that functionality is built into any design style to create a usable space that optimises function. With smaller living spaces on the rise, demand for multi-functional furniture has grown, providing flexibility to living areas and making them feel bigger. Clever wardrobe storage and hidden storage also relieves space in a bedroom setting, keeping household items kept behind closed doors. Sliding wardrobe systems also remain a popular storage choice, enabling homeowners to use the full height of the room. For more information on these our sliding wardrobe systems, please read our Residential Sliding Door Gear Guide.

How has the hospitality industry influenced trends in residential bedrooms?

KBB design has always been influenced by the hospitality industry, with restaurant trends inspiring kitchen design and luxury hotel rooms leading design choice for bedroom space. High-end hotels are at the forefront of non-intrusive innovation in the bedroom, introducing technology-driven furniture that compliments the overall design. You can find out more about our hotel fittings here. We are now seeing this being filtered into domestic environments, with the increased availability of gadgets paving out the ‘Smart Home’.

How are Häfele helping retailers to sell these products?​

At Häfele, we are constantly seeking to bring new innovation to the market. Through both partnerships with industry experts, and our own product design, we want to make sure our customers stay ahead of each and every trend. Along with our bedroom product range, our extensive kitchen and bathroom portfolio has been designed so that we can effectively act as a one-stop-shop, bringing the best possible solutions to market, in one place. Retailers will always demand high-end fittings, hardware and systems, and we aim to meet this whilst delighting with style and quality.