Button-Fix secret panel fixing innovations acknowledged

We are thrilled to announce that one of our trusted suppliers, Button-Fix, have received patent approval for their innovative invisible panel fixing.

Button-Fix is a very popular product in our connectors selection, offering unique design and secret, secure, removable fixing benefits for both architects and fitters. All of the product's components are designed and manufactured in the UK, making it a responsible choice..

Designed with architects, designers and fitters in mind, Button-Fix fasteners are extremely versatile, suitable for parallel and 90° connections, vertical and horizontal applications, with Type 1 versions being able to be rebated for applications where panel-to-panel contact is needed.

A key design feature of Button-fix fasteners enables the easy installation of removable panels. This provides essential access for hard-to-reach spaces; the underneath of a bath or within boxed-in pipework are just two examples. This has also proven popular within busy commercial environments, where an accidentally damaged panel can easily be removed and replaced.

The durable nylon buttons attached to each panel are colour-coded for ease in application, with the lime green button for use with CSK wood screws and orange buttons to be used with Varianta Euro screws.

Button-fix fasteners offer the required structural strength for use in both the commercial environment and residential projects. Independent tests show that with the appropriate substrates and screws, a vertical panel weighing 200kg can be secured safely and supported with just four Type-1 Fixes.

Julie Freedman, Head of Sales and Marketing at Button-Fix, said: “The design of Button-Fix is truly unique and we’re excited that this has now been recognised with a patent.

“We understand that fitters are increasingly under pressures of time and expectation when it comes to delivering projects to meet the precise specifications on architectural drawings.

“ Button-fix was therefore designed to enable complicated panel arrangements with precise intersections to be aligned and fitted efficiently and easily, significantly reducing the time required on site.”


For more information on Button-fix you can visit their website: http://button-fix.com/ or follow @ButtonfixUK on Twitter.