Häfele provides a helping hand with Channel 4 renovation project

Premium home solutions specialist, Häfele UK donated products free of charge to a renovation project which featured on Double Your House for Half the Money, fronted by celebrity property expert Sarah Beeny.

Jamie Clarke and Shital Shah from Sheffield featured on the Channel 4 primetime programme, which helps people achieve their property dreams for a fraction of the cost of moving. The couple, who both have disabilities were given a helping hand by Häfele UK who donated a number of mobility assisted products to improve accessibility in their home.

Sarah Beeny is renowned for her expertise in renovating properties and advising homeowners on the latest trends that can enhance a home’s appearance. Jamie who has Cerebral Palsy and Shital who has a rare degenerative condition leading to the permanent use of a wheelchair, wanted Sarah’s advice on how to save both space and money, as well as creating a home that would remain accessible for the future.

To improve accessibility in the bedroom, Häfele provided a pull down hanging rack and pull-out shoe rack which allows clothes to be brought down to a more manageable height.

Häfele also provided the family with a Ropox rise and fall worktop system, which is a height adjustable mechanism for kitchen worktops. The manual hand operated systems allows the height of a worktop to be easily adjusted to the level suited to each individual user.

The Ropox swing washbasin was the final Häfele product used in the renovation, which allows users to swing it into a position that best suits their needs.

Shital Shah said: “We have spent years saving for our dream home, so to finally have a future-proof house that improves the whole family’s quality of life is a hugely comforting feeling. The new sense of independence that we all benefit from is overwhelming and could not have been achieved to this high standard without the help of Sarah. It was amazing to be presented with such an array of solutions that cater to our needs. The Häfele products that have been installed into our home, have had a massive impact in making our home more accessible.”

Rachel Willcock, Marketing Communications Manager at Häfele, said “We are so pleased that we have had the opportunity to help support this renovation project and that our mobility assisted products will be able to make a significant impact on the family’s home environment. Häfele has been providing innovative product solutions for over 90 years and it was a highly rewarding opportunity to offer these products to such a life changing build.”

Shop the ranges and products used in the programme:

·         Assisted Living Bathroom products

·         Assisted Living Kitchen products

·         Pull down wardrobe rail

·         Bedroom pull-out shoe rack