Full Grass Range available from Häfele

Stylish fittings offering high performance and elegant movement for all your cabinet and furniture needs.

DWD XP Drawer Systems:

The DWD drawer systems offers the user flexible functionality with High Performance whilst retaining their elegant design, and the soft close runners enabling "no slam" functionality by silently gliding to a close. With drawer kits offered in 400mm, 450mm and 500mm they are even easier to order - and for handleless applications you can upgrade to Tipmatic giving "push to open" functionality.

Dynapro Undermount Drawer Box Runners:

Offered in 40Kg or 60Kg options the Dynapro undermount concealed drawer runners are fully synchronised giving the drawer silent and smooth movement. Incredibly stable, this runner system features toolless 3 Dimentional adjustment providing side-to-side height and tilt adjustment, along with the lowest resistance when opening (20N). For Handleless applications ask for details on the Tipmatic options giving "push to open" functionality.

Kinvaro Flap Fittings:

The Kinvaro range of door flap fittings are offered to suit 3 types of fittings for cabinet doors - Stay Flaps, Swing up flaps and Double lift-up flap. All simple to install and adjust, they are available for a variety of door weights and they offer functionality and style whilst offering soft close as standard.

Tiomos Concealed Hinges:

The Tiomos range of concealed hinges are offered for a variety of opening angles and are flexible in design being offered both with and without integrated damping. With door overlay upto 24mm they have tool free damper adjustment and utmost stability thanks to 30% more contact surface. The kinetic mechanism has improved geometry of motion offering minimum gaps and reveals and the stepless selflocking height adjustment offers durable stability in every position.