Eco-friendly kitchen design, and sustainable solutions

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Designing an eco-friendly kitchen goes beyond just designs and plans, it’s about helping your client to lead a more sustainable way of life. Increasingly, homeowners are opting for eco-friendly options, in a bid to contribute towards a healthier and more sustainable environment.


Green LivingGreen Living


Often, the kitchen is the first living space to be considered when thinking about eco-friendly living,  and one of the easiest to incorporate sustainable options that use less energy, reduce customers’ carbon footprints and minimise global degeneration. Increasingly, manufacturers are actively developing products which reduce food waste and conserve energy, in addition to utilising recycled materials, reusing them for products such as splashbacks.


In this guide, we bring you a selection of the products, available from Häfele, that could help you embrace one of the most in demand design trends.



Smeg Fridge-Freezer A+++


Smeg fridge

Smeg’s FAB28 Fridge Freezer boasts a gross capacity of 281L and its impressive A+++ energy rating makes it an energy efficient option. It also has built in LED lights, pull out drawers and an aluminium foil back, which is fire resistant.


Not only is it great for the environment, Smeg have introduced a new Union Jack design for 2019 so homeowners can make a real statement. The 2019 design has all the benefits of Smeg’s standard fridge freezer in addition to its iconic statement look. The Smeg 50’s retro style two slice toaster is also available in the Union Jack finish.





We were thrilled to announce earlier this month that Häfele are the exclusive UK distributors for AluSplash, a revolutionary splashback solution. Made from recycled aluminium, AluSplash is a cost-effective alternative to glass, easy to install, fire-resistant and safe for use with all popular cooktops. With ten on-trend colour options, AluSplash creates a seamless run of high-gloss colour in the kitchen. As well as having a multitude of benefits to both the installer and homeowner, AluSplash is also an eco-friendly kitchen design solution. AluSplash is 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials, lead-free and non-toxic. AluSplash also requires less energy during manufacturing than glass splashbacks, and its production does not emit greenhouse gases. Find out more about AluSplash here.


Smeg Blast Chillers & Vaccum Drawers


Smeg Blast Chiller and Vacuum Drawers

Smeg’s Blast Chiller is unique to the market and serves two key functions: freezing and cooling. Food can be chilled straight after cooking, helping to preserve leftovers and minimise food waste. The chiller can also be used to quickly chill beverages, to prove dough - with a precise three-phase programme - and even benefits from the ability to heat, enabling food to be held at a precise temperature.


The Vacuum Drawer from Smeg preserves fresh foods in order to store - in either the fridge, freezer, or pantry. The drawer works by extracting oxygen and air from food in the draw, sealing ingredients into an airtight plastic bag or container so that food is protected from contaminants, allowing a longer storage life.


Loox LED 2022 Lighting



Up to 80% more energy-efficient than other types of bulb, LED bulbs have a longer life and they use much less wattage than CFL or Incandescent bulbs.


One of Häfele’s most popular brands, the Loox LED lighting range brings modern and energy efficient technology to the UK market, backed up by Häfele's Lifetime Guarantee. No matter what your customer is looking for, whether it’s spotlights in their kitchen, or they want to make a statement with coloured lights, the Loox range has everything you need.

GROHE Red II / Blue




Easy access to boiling water is a must in any kitchen – from making tea to cooking, anything that provides hot water is sure to be one of the most used appliances. That’s where GROHE Red® comes in: an eye catching and reliable system delivering kettle hot water instantly from the tap.


For those looking for instant still or sparkling chilled water in their kitchen, GROHE Blue® filters have a five-step filtration process removing even the smallest particles, while leaving behind water’s most important minerals to benefit your health.



Cargo Synchro

Cargo Synchro


A new, pull out bin with different configurations depending on cabinet width, the Cargo Synchro is the solution for any kitchen or recycling requirement. Its shelf lid also extends, providing easy access for cardboard and paper recycling. The Cargo Synchro is a waste segregating system to make recycling easy. With synchronise self-closing runners that soft-close, the Cargo Synchro is a functional addition to a kitchen or utility room. Easy to install and remove, the system is bayonet mounted and fitted to the cabinet door. With a capacity between 30 and 56 litres, the system also includes a system lid with anti-slip mad, which provides space for additional storage.


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