Häfele Worldwide 2014 Financial Report

Häfele UK Ltd are part of the international Häfele Group which achieved revenue of 1.144 billion Euros (2013: 1.071 billion) in 2014. This represents a growth of 7 % compared to 2013.

International subsidiaries in particular have made a significant contribution to this growth, because the Häfele group now generates 77% of its revenue there. Growth in the USA has been developing at an outstanding rate. There has been a slight drop in the excellent growth seen in Asia and the Pacific region, however, these regions continue to drive the company’s growth, just like the Gulf region. Western Europe has also generated an increased rate of growth again. In the UK we have particularly enjoyed great success.

The overall performance saw our parent company in Germany achieve a growth of 6% whilst international subsidiaries grew by 8%. Sibylle Thierer, Managing Director, explains “Since the year of the crisis in 2009 we have been able to increase our revenue by more than 50% both in Germany and on an international scale”.

We can see excellent opportunities to continue growth with a mid-single digit increase in revenue on an international scale in 2015. The planned amount of investment is 30 million Euros. Risks continue to be seen in the volatile foreign exchange markets.