How To Create Atmosphere With Lighting


When it comes to design elements in a living space, it is often lighting that is one of the hardest working. Lighting creates atmosphere as well as practical illumination, transforming both living and working space to become multi-functional areas that can be used to cook, socialise, work and relax in. On average, lighting can add 5% to the sale of a kitchen, which is why we want to make sure our customers are able to sell as many projects with lighting as possible. To do this, it’s important to understand and educate your customer in the various functions of lighting and how lighting can create atmosphere.

Task Lighting


Task Lighting illuminates a targeted area to help users see clearly whilst working in that area.

Ideal for: Food preparation areas, highlighting ornaments and decorative features

Solution: Häfele’s own brand Loox lighting range has been designed and engineered by Häfele and now comes with a 7 year guarantee across the entire product range. Loox offers a range of task lighting solutions, offering freedom of choice in any application and absolute versatility. A product highlight from What’s New: The Spring Edit is the Loox LED 3039 which, when mounted into cabinets, illuminates worktops space, providing practical lighting for preparation, working or decorative areas.

Ambient Lighting


In contrast to task lighting, ambient lighting illuminates a whole room setting as opposed to a targeted area. Ambient lighting creates a more even lighting effect or glow and can be created beautifully using a fixture with multiple bulbs.

Ideal for: A comfortable level of overall illumination in a room setting.

Solution: Pendant lighting is a great solution for ambient lighting, brightening up a whole room with aesthetically pleasing design. Bare in mind that bigger is not always better when it comes to ambient lighting – think about fixtures that have multiple bulbs in a cluster, or spread across an area to create an even glow. The Häfele Jewel 3 light bar pendant  is one of the latest solutions in Häfele’s new pendant lighting range and demonstrates effortlessly how multiple bulb lighting can enhance a room setting. Elegant and powerful, this stunning solution is finished in polished chrome and complemented by a diamond dust effect diffuser, with integrated LED’s and vertically adjustable pendants. Order yours here.


Accent Lighting


Accent lighting highlights a specific design or feature, such as a piece of art or a mirror.

Ideal for: Creating a wash of light, bringing out the surfaces surrounding an area such as a bathroom mirror or artwork on a wall.

Solution: The Loox Compatible LED Pulse has been designed specifically for use on bathroom mirrors and brings dimmable functionality to surface mounted illumination. This innovative solution is fully compatible with the Loox 12V system of drivers and switches, meaning customers can use the same driver for their task and accent lighting, subsequently reducing stock holding.

Decorative Lighting


Decorative lighting provides a stunning statement feature in a living space, either from the fixing itself or the lighting it emits. Decorative lighting creates atmosphere with ease, and a soft glow that will create impact without casting targeted light.

Ideal for: Creativity in design, providing a striking centrepiece that complements ambient and task lighting. Decorative lighting can also be used to bring connectivity between living areas in an open plan setting, or definition in a single room setting.

Solution: As well as providing solutions for ambient lighting, Häfele’s new pendant range also offers an exciting array of stunning decorative lighting solutions. The Shard 10 Arm/20 LED Ceiling Pendant is a great example of how pendant lighting can create a truly eye-catching centrepiece, yet versatile fitting that can really enhance a room. The exquisite organic crystal ice-like shards are finished in polished chrome or gold, held by a decorative chain and a small ceiling cup. For product details and specifications, please click here or to view our whole pendant lighting range, please click

All of the solutions featured within this guide can be found in What’s New: The Spring Edit. This coffee table sized brochure brings you the latest trends and challenges across the industry, expert insight and new products from Häfele. Find out more here.

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