kbb 2020 | Meet the Experts - Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers

Dialock has been making waves in retail and hospitality sectors for some time, but its possibilities are endless. In this Meet the Expert, we talk to Dave Rogers, our specialist in electronic security products, about Dialock at kbb 2020 and how visitors can experience this unique solution. 


Tell us about your experience and how long you’ve been at Häfele?

“I’ve been at Häfele for eight years off and on, with a break in between where I worked in smart building controls. I’ve worked with our Dialock product since its first generation and through extensive training and experience, I’m now one of the company’s specialists in this area.


“Day to day, I visit sites and project managers to talk about how our elecontric security systems can meet their needs by supporting security and risk management, as well as aiding audit controls. Broadly, these projects tend to be hospitality and retail but the scope of Dialock’s use is far reaching.”


What can customers learn about Dialock at kbb?

“Many kbb studios, designers and installers might not be familiar with Dialock, but it’s a system that’s well established in hospitality for things like hotel room door locks and gym lockers, but it’s also used extensively in boutiques and shops for securing, for example jewellery cabinets. It’s also specified in medical settings to secure instruments and drugs.


“Essentially, Dialock is an advanced identification and locking system designed and engineered by Häfele that uses electronic keys, terminals and programming units to allow authorised access. It can be programmed in various ways to give or prevent access as needed, and building and business owners can also track who has had access and when.


“While the system has some clear uses in retail and hospitality, there are endless possibilities – something we’ll be exploring more of at kbb. For example, it could be used in the home to stop children accessing harmful substances, or used to create ‘hidden’ storage to give extra security on things like safes for instance.


“At kbb, we’ll be showing the many uses of Dialock and giving each visitor the chance to win some prizes on stand. Every person will be given a unique transponder key that may unlock a cabinet of goodies if they’re lucky.


“We’ll also be showcasing our new smartphone app that can be used instead of a key card in certain settings, and the various Dialock programming modes available. Unfortunately for some attendees, we’ll also be using it to secure our on-stand bar!”


Why should visitors find out more about Dialock at the show?

“Ultimately, it’s about possibility. Dialock is a really flexible product meaning there are endless possibilities on how it could be used. By understanding what’s possible with the system, kbb studios, manufacturers and installers can consider how Dialock could provide the ideal solution for their or customers’ needs whether now or in the future.”


Experience Dialock for yourself on stand S90. Register for tickets here.