kbb 2020 | Meet the Experts - Elizabeth Briggs

Elizabeth Briggs

As consumers look to make the most of limited space in the home, the need for clever space optimising solutions is increasing. Elizabeth Briggs, Category Manager for Sliding, Room & Building, talks about what’s emerging in her area to help make rooms more flexible and functional.


Tell us about your role at Häfele

“I’ve worked for Häfele for 19 years now. In that time, I’ve worked in supply chain, inventory, purchasing and buying, but have been in the category team for the past five years.


“I now look after a product group called ‘sliding, room and building’, which includes sliding door gear. Häfele is one of the top five manufacturers and suppliers of these products in the country and it’s an area where we’re investing hugely.


"We offer a wide range of sliding gear, with products that can hold up to one tonne in weight, and everything in between.


“As you might expect, manufacturers are a big customer of ours and they range from those creating bespoke, artisan designs to major caravan manufacturers.


“Alongside sliding doors, I also look after our Smart Spaces offer, plus locking and office furniture.”


What trends will we see at this year’s kbb?

“We’ll be displaying lots of products for the future, encouraging customers to think about the styles and types of solutions for the next 3, 5 and 10 years.


“A lot of the innovation in this area is driven by space becoming an increasing premium for the UK homeowner, but also greater multi-generational living.


“With more families now having several generations under one roof, homes need to be flexible and adapt as households grow and mature. Equally, there’s still a desire for open plan living and creating a clean aesthetic.


“For these reasons, pocket systems are proving incredibly popular at the moment. By using sliding doors and walls in this way, homeowners can adapt a space to suit their needs, or simply hide away more functional areas when they want a cleaner look.


“We’re also seeing a growth in technology use in sliding doors, with e-drive wardrobe systems becoming more popular. At kbb, visitors will be able to see how this technology can integrate with our Loox lighting for a really sleek and intelligent finish that sets a new standard for wardrobe design.”


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