kbb 2020 | Meet the Experts - Isabel James

Isabel James


Isabel James is Product Group Manager for everything ‘lift, turn and slide’ at Häfele. In this instalment of Meet the Experts, Isabel tells us what’s coming up in this high-profile product area at kbb and beyond.


Tell us about your experience and how long you’ve been at Häfele?

“I’ve been at Häfele for eight months having previously worked for Howdens Joinery, most recently on the appliances category, so I’ve got plenty of relevant product experience.”


What does the lift, turn and slide category include?

“The lift, turn and slide category encompass hinges, drawer systems and lift-up fittings. In terms of product, our lift, turn and slide portfolio includes standard solutions, right the way through to specialist options.


“I also work closely with one of our strategic partners, Grass, who manufacture the award winning Tiomos hinge range, amongst many others.


“The products within my remit are especially key for kitchen and furniture manufacturers, as well as the many KBB studios we work in partnership with.”


What will you be launching at kbb?

“We’ve got lots to see on our stand at kbb in March. It really is the biggest opportunity to feel and experience furniture fittings from some of the largest and best names in the industry.


“One of these is our new range of Häfele drawer systems, ‘Matrix Box’. This range comprises three different drawer system options, spanning the good, better and best model, giving our customers a quality solution for any job.


“Matrix Box A, S and P all have slightly different characteristics, Matrix Box Slim A, for example, is a sleek and streamlined thin-walled drawer whereas Matrix Box S is a double-walled drawer with integrated soft-close.


“Matrix Box P is an update and relaunch of our current Häfele “MX” drawer system. The main update to this system is the increase in minimum drawer load capacity from 30kg to 35kg, giving the end user greater storage flexibility. As well as being available in a range of colours, including the increasingly popular anthracite, Matrix Box P can be supplied pre-assembled saving valuable time when on site.”


Is there anything else that’s new at the show?

“As well as Matrix Box, we’ll also be showcasing our new award winning Häfele lift-up fitting, Free Space. Free Space is the latest addition to our range of Free lift-up fittings, offering innovative solutions for wall mounted cabinets with frontal widths from 300mm to 1000mm.


“Free Space is extremely compact and unobtrusive when installed, giving kitchen designers freedom and space utilising options during the kitchen planning phase. Available in white, silver, anthracite and black, there’s a Free Space option for every kitchen.”


“Another exciting flap fitting development can also be seen on the Grass stand; KBB is the first time the Grass Kinvaro D will be on display in the U.K.


“This flap fitting has an extremely premium look and feel, and manufacturers are using the Kinvaro D flap fitting product very creatively. Ideal for use with bespoke furniture pieces; such as drinks cabinets, as well as with premium living room storage furniture.”


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