kbb 2020 | Meet the Experts - Sam Melling

Sam Melling

In this instalment of Meet the Expert, we meet Sam Melling, our Technical Services Manager. Sam is responsible for assisting with developing new services for customers, including the latest updates to Häfele to Order.

Tell us about your experience and how long you’ve been at Häfele?

“I’ve been at Häfele for 12 years now and have had lots of different roles in that time. I started in customer and technical support, then moved into our category team where I was responsible for bringing new products to market, now I manage our Technical department and work closely in developing our range “extra” services. Essentially the value-added services we offer to customers alongside our products.”

What have you been working on recently?

“Häfele to Order! This service is something we’ve been developing and fine-tuning since the end of 2018.

“When it was launched, we focused on creating a bespoke cutting service for key products like wardrobe tubes, Gola profile, Sliding track and plinth fitting. The response from our customers was overwhelming, with so many appreciating the time this was saving them at point of install as well as the reduction in waste on site. We were really pleased with its success but quickly realised we could do more.

“Over the past 12 months, as well as fine-tuning our cutting capabilities, we’ve developed Häfele to Order further to include bespoke packaging and labelling too. A good example of this is plot packing, customers can order packed sets to contain hinges, lighting and handles, boxed and labelled with exact site, building and room information so that upon arrival at site installers know the exact location the products have been ordered for. This should in turn reduce waste and products going missing on site due to over ordering.

“On top of this we also offer cut to length Loox furniture lighting, which can be, dependent upon customer preference, be cut to size, pre-assembled into profiles and packed with connectors and drivers needed to install. These all come bench tested so customers can rest assured the products will arrive in full working order and backed with our 7 year Loox guarantee.”

Can we find out more about Häfele to Order at kbb?

“At the show, we’ll be talking to customers about the services we offer and really want to get across that Häfele to Order is there for everyone – whether a large or small job. Customers simply email, call or contact us via their area sales manager and we’ll discuss their individual requirements. There isn’t a job too big, small or dare I say it, too complicated!”

Are there other plans for Häfele to Order in 2020?

“We’re currently trialling some further services too. While we can now package up any of our 20,000 plus products in various combinations, we’d like to further develop our bespoke service offering

“In the future, we are looking to offer a wider range of made to measure cabinetry solutions that will be sure to save you time on installation but be the perfect solutiuon for the bespoke furniture manufacturer.”

“We’re also looking at how we could offer bespoke worktops and even possibly bespoke AluSplash, the innovative splashback available through Häfele. Whilst also exploring how we can minimise product waste and the packaging that is used in this service.”

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