kbb 2020 | Meet the Experts - Steph Kerr

Steph Kerr


In this instalment of Meet the Experts, Senior Product Group Manager, Steph Kerr, tells us about the latest trends in appliances, sinks and taps, and what will be on display at kbb 2020.


Tell us about your experience and role at Häfele

I’ve worked for Häfele for around five years now. My first role was looking after wirework and bins, before I focused on appliances, sinks and taps and ventilation. More broadly, I started my career in visual merchandising working for retailer, Next, before I moved into product management.


“Appliances are a big part of my role, around half, and this product group is very trend-led with suppliers continuously introducing lots of new products and technology. Part of my job is to work with these suppliers to select which products we distribute.


"Our main appliance suppliers are Smeg, Hoover Candy and Rangemaster. Through these suppliers we can offer a portfolio of products from higher to lower-end price points, as well as integrated and freestanding options."


What trends can we expect to see at kbb in terms of appliances? 

“At kbb, we’ll be showcasing two trends in particular – wifi products and steam cooking. Both are making real waves in the market at the moment. 


"Hoover Candy, in particular, is leading the charge on wifi across its ovens and laundry appliances. With our busy, hectic lifestyles, these smart technologies are great for people on the go, allowing you to programme remotely and turn on appliances in time for your return home.


“Steam or sous vide cooking is also a key trend we’re going to explore at the show. Smeg and Rangemaster have freestanding steam cookers that are new to the market, but we’re also seeing more mid-level options entering too, helping to make this style of cooking more accessible to all.


“While appliances are less impacted by colour trends, the popularity of metallics means that Smeg’s Dolce Stil Novo is really making waves in the industry. With an elegant copper trim, these products are uniquely styled and the first of their kind in the market. You’ll be able to see Dolce Stil Novo on stand in one of our kitchen displays.


“Another new product we’ll be showcasing at kbb is HOB D, an innovative solution that combines a powerful multizone induction hob with state-of-the-art extraction in a single appliance.”



What’s new for the show in terms of taps and sinks?

“We’ll be showcasing products from Rangemaster, Grohe and our own brand items at kbb.


“Some of the most exciting lines on display will be Grohe’s Red Hot Tap that provides instant hot water, Grohe Blue, a sparkling water tap, and new additions to its Essence range which now features copper, brass and graphite options.


“Our stand will also feature Rangemaster’s anthracite Belfast sink which is a contemporary twist on the traditional classic and the only one of its kind on the market.”


Interested in finding out more about any of the above? Visit us on stand S90 at kbb 2020 and we'll be happy to help. You can register for tickets here.