Make a Feature in Kitchen Design

From dipping your toe with subtle highlights to drenching your design, our latest guide shows you how to make a feature with your kitchen design. Read the full article in What's New: The Autumn Edit 2018, either online or by ordering your free copy.

Make a Feature

As the popularity of interior design and home improvement continues to rise, those with a space to renovate are looking to be able to push their design as far as possible. Whatever your customers’ style, however brave they are with design, Häfele has options from ‘dipping your toe’ to make an accent to ‘drenching your design’ in colour, and everything in between. Regardless of the size of your customers’ space, there is always an opportunity to make a design statement.

Maybe your customers are looking for a family room that showcases their unique “Evans Family” personality, or they’re a small business owner redesigning their office space to help their employees feel more inspired. As a designer, you are responsible for guiding customers through the design process; transforming preconceptions can be the difference between a beautiful project and a remarkable one, and often the key to this is exploring how far the boundaries of design statements can be pushed.

Dipping Your Toe

A fantastic way to stay on trend but maintain a classic finish is to accentuate a space with accents and accessories. Subtle nods to a trend give customers the opportunity to see if they like the look before investing in key statement pieces, and changing them up more regularly. Accent colours have the power to transform spaces. Blacks and greys don’t have to darken or depress the atmosphere within a space – they can frame, add depth and even provide added definition. Handles, taps and small appliances are by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to achieve an accent.

Product highlights...

GROHE Essence Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray

grohe Now available in a total of 10 unique finishes including a copper ‘sunset’, brass ‘sunrise’ and brushed ‘hard graphite’, the GROHE Essence Mixer Tap is both eye-catching and extremely functional. With a minimalist design, it ensures accurate temperature control and features a pull out spray with powerful jet. Featured here in the brass ‘Cool Sunrise’ finish.


Dark Brass GRAF 2 T Handle

Whats New Handle With beautifully bright colour and intricate texture, the GRAF 2 bar handle is perfect for giving cabinets a new lease of life. With a mesh surface texture, it works well with a modern ‘industrial’ look and has a pleasant feel when opening the door or drawer. The detail of this handle really does have to be seen to be believed, click here to view now.


Rangemaster Encore Deluxe Range Cooker

Rangemaster Stainless steel is an ever-popular choice for kitchen appliances and a great way to add a subtle metallic feature to the kitchen. New this Autumn is the Rangemaster Encore Deluxe range. An upgrade from the Ceramic cooker featured in this image, the range is available in three stunning finishes: stainless steel, ivory and black.



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Make a Splash

Is your customer feeling more confident? To take their design to the next level, add personality by adding a statement piece. Hints of different surfaces, like metallic doors or a textured worktop, can create a premium look, without the premium price tag. Introducing pendant lighting creates an eye-catching feature that can really set the design alight.

Product highlights...

Tambour Door System

tambour doors The Tambour Door System, shown in Anthracite, provides form and function in one statement piece. Perfect for breaking up a series of cabinets or providing a solution where hinged doors aren’t possible, this door is available in four finishes; anthracite, copper, mill gold, satin andonised aluminium.



RAVIOLO Bow Handle

raviolo handles Handles are such a great way to update your design. The new RAVIOLO bow handle in Antique Bronze (Pewter also available), great for a vintage or industrial style kitchen with its distinctive curve and arch.





Häfele Double Belfast Sink

Belfast Sink The new Häfele Belfast sink is finished in a highly desirable anthracite shade, offering a texture that mimics concrete. Perfect for completing an industrial or textured finish, this is a sink for making a design statement. View our full range of kitchen sinks and taps here.





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Drench Your Design

Our final trend, Drench Your Design, demonstrates how taking an initial concept and allowing complete blue-sky thinking can create a memorable and impressive finished product. Here at Häfele, we believe that contrast, colour and clashing can be fantastic tools to maximise this trend and are dedicated to offering the products you need to make this a reality for your customers.

Product highlights...

Smeg Fridge Freezer

smeg fridge freezer The Smeg Retro range is ideal for adding colour to a kitchen and the freestanding fridge freezer definitely creates a feature. Available in 10 variations including a Union Jack flag, this Smeg Retro Fridge-Freezer is bound to get your customers and their guests talking.




Loox LED Flexible Strip Lighting RGB

Loox Lighting For the ultimate eye-catching finish, the multi-coloured strip lighting from Loox will set a room alight. Ideal for mounting under cabinets/shelves or even highlighting handle-less profiles, these lights can set the atmosphere for any occasion.




Smeg Portofino Range

Smeg Portofino Inspired by small harbours around the Mediterranean, the Smeg Portofino Range Cookers and Chimney Hoods are the real eye-grabbers here,  available in 8 vibrant colours. The orange finish pictured creates a bold focal point while the range cookers provide the functionality needed for everyday cooking - combining solid design and quality performance. Available in dual fuel (gas hob) or electric (induction hob). View the full Smeg Portofino range here.


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