Häfele Introduces Lifetime Guarantee Across Own-House Product Range

Lifetime Guarantee

Here at Häfele, we have been providing our customers with industry leading products from some of the most respected manufacturers in the KBB industry for many years. As well as distributing on behalf of manufacturers, we are extremely proud of our own-brand product ranges. Manufactured in our own manufacturing sites based in Germany and Hungary, these own-brand product ranges cover lighting, sliding door gear, drawer systems as well as flap and furniture fittings. We are pleased to announce that we now offer a Lifetime Guarantee on six of our own-house brands, reflecting the enormous confidence that we have in our own solutions.

Own-House Product Range

Lifetime Guarantee

Our own-house brand product range covers a wide array of products across the spectrum of the furniture fittings and design industry. Our Startec brand encompasses door furniture; MX soft-close drawer systems and FREE flap fittings offer products for sliding and lifting and across the Sliding Door Gear market we offer the Slido brand of products. We also manufacture Loox – a plug-and-play LED lighting system and under the IxConnect brand we manufacture shelf supports, furniture connectors, and fittings primarily for the Ready to Assemble furniture market.

Guaranteed Quality

As a distributor and a manufacturer, we are able to have an absolutely holistic view of the marketplace. We are truly committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality products on the market and this means that we only partner with manufacturers whose products meet our quality expectations. We are continuously looking to fill gaps in the market with innovative solutions, and with a wide range of customers in the UK market, our expert teams are able to use their customer knowledge to identify these and drive our product offering.

Industry Expertise

We have a comprehensive New Product Development process, consisting of extensive market and benchmarking analysis, in-depth design and prototyping, and rigorous testing. Once in the production stage, our products enter a highly efficient and streamlined manufacturing process. As a company, we pride ourselves on this process, which enables us to offer greater flexibility when working with customers on production quantities.

The IxConnect range demonstrates the scale of knowledge we hold as a manufacturer in the furniture fittings market. In 1983, we invented the concept of the minifix connector and today, we see the recent evolution of this hugely popular product with the IxConnect range. Our Berlin plant now produces over 1 billion items from this range each year.

Levels of Guarantee

Every product that carries a Häfele Lifetime Guarantee has met our quality standards and will also have been tested rigorously to the relevant industry certification. This testing ensures that we are completely confident to guarantee that the product will function as intended for the duration of the guaranteed lifetime period of the product, without any loss of operating quality.

The Häfele Lifetime Guarantee covers the period of expected lifetime for the product in a non-commercial environment. The period of guarantee ranges from 25 years for solutions such as those in our IxConnect and MX product ranges, to 7 years for our Loox lighting solutions.


We worked with a customer panel, as well as members of our in-house team to truly understand the level of guarantee that customers would expect to see across products, and this process concluded the level of guarantee for each range.

How to claim the Häfele Lifetime Guarantee

The Häfele Lifetime Guarantee logo will display on individual products and in our catalogues to let our customers know that the product is covered and for the period of time that it is for.

We have made it easy to make a claim against our lifetime guarantee.  The holder of the invoice for the product can email hafeleguarantee@hafele.co.uk with their invoice details, the fault and photography to support. Our team will then handle the query from that point

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