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What’s New: The Spring Edit is your must-have guide to the latest in forward thinking innovation in the Häfele product range; products that will elevate your projects and design in 2018. In this comprehensive edition, we provide you with expert insight into the latest industry trends and challenges that you need to know about, and the solutions to ensure your projects stay up to date with each one.

Highlights include:

Pendant lighting


At Häfele, we are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive range of lighting, and we are delighted to expand on this further with a brand new exciting range of pendant lighting. When it comes to residential design, interior lighting is imperative to creating atmosphere that can be easily manipulated depending on the demand of the living space. Our new pendant range encapsulates this, enabling us to provide our customers with a complete lighting offering, and for our customers to bring this stylish versatility to their projects. Take a look at the new range of pendant lighting here.

Combatting the issue of space in design


The footprint of homes in Britain is continuing to decrease, leading to the rising popularity of the “micro homes” trend. Since 2013, there has been an increase of 60% in the amount of properties under 37sqm. The reduced footprint is also evident in new builds, which are currently averaging 4sqm below government guidelines.


Thinking about how to maximise every inch of available space is not a new concept, but the increasing trend for smaller living spaces means that the demand for solutions that overcome this challenge is more significant than ever – and that is exactly what the Häfele product range now offers to our customers. From two-way runners which provide wider scope when it comes to positioning drawers in kitchen design, to innovative bin designs which remain out of sight, making the most of floor space.


Blending Materials with design-led product

blending materials
Throughout the past few months, mixing materials and textures to create a trend based on blend has emerged across the industry and is set to develop further. Bold materials such as wood and metallic have been established for a while now but what’s new is the merge of these to create an individual space, whether in a commercial or domestic setting, with impact. This is a sophisticated design trend that is not hard to create, using a range of high quality materials, such as wood, metallic, marble, glass and concrete to name a few.

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