Metallic Furniture Fittings from Häfele

As a trend in both residential and commercial settings, metallic finishes are not showing any sign of slowing down.

Whilst metals have always had a functional application (think hinges, door handles, runners), customers have often opted to have them concealed. Today, metallic is much more of a feature, with trendy industrial metals becoming a popular design choice.

In 2016, we saw copper emerge as the metal of the moment, with the warm hues and rustic atmosphere desirable across many projects. Whilst copper is still a popular choice of finish, in 2017 we have seen customer preference shift towards sleeker, luxurious metals, such as chrome and gold. Last year we brought in fantastic new ranges specifically to meet the demands of these ongoing trends, to make sure our customers were ahead of the game.

Metallic finishes add a beautiful and timeless finishing touch to almost every design choice. Their versatile properties mean maximum functionality, whilst maintaining a decorative and aesthetically pleasing finish.

See below for our most popular metallic finishes:

Brass Finishes

Brass is ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere in environments where wamrth is a desirable design feature. The durable properties of this material make it a practical choice for any project. Take a look at our brass furniture fittings range now.

Copper Finishes

Copper has super hygienic properties, making it the perfect choice for high end hospitality projects. It also has the added benefit of improving over time. With use, love and care the material takes on a natural patina, making is completely inimitable, ideal for residential projects where the customer is looking for something unique and daring. Take a look here to view our range of copper furniture fittings.

Gold Finishes

Synonymous with elegance and sophistication, gold creates a true statement finish in any project. Ideal for high end hotels, spas, boutiques and residential properties, this metallic finish is a great addition to your bathroom offering. View our gold furniture fittings now.

Chrome Finishes

The timeless character of chrome has secured this metal as a go-to finish in any design setting. This versatile metal accentuates design features in both traditional and modern environments, and flatters almost any colour scheme. Discover more about our chrome furniture fittings.

Stainless Steel Finishes

Sleek and sophisticated, stainless steel remains a popular finishing choice whether reconfiguring a large space or updating a bespoke room. Built for function, the high performing properties of this metal, combined with ultra-modern stylish finish, make it ideal for environments of function, such as offices and bathrooms. Find out more about our stainless steel furniture fittings.