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Compact Living


Homes may be getting smaller, but that doesn’t mean ambitions for a functional, stylish and beautifully designed compact home need to be small-scale too. At Häfele, we’re experts in compact living, with a wide range of space saving products and smart furniture design services to help your customers live large, even in the smallest of spaces.

Space saving furniture

Our space saving furniture combines function and style, and is optimised for compact living. From the award-winning, ergonomic JobTisch desk that’s perfect for the small home office, to the futuristic Ninka Qanto that helps you make more of a tiny kitchen.

Smart Ideas

Need help planning a compact living space? Be inspired by these clever space saving furniture ideas for compact kitchens, tiny bedrooms, little living rooms and flexible home offices.


Space saving products

Whether you need clever sliding door gears for making compact cupboards and wardrobes, or slimline hinges and flaps for more usable kitchen space, we offer a wide range of space saving solutions to make bespoke and modular design furniture that’s efficient in size but big on functionality.

Kitchens for Living

Using the responses of the 2,009 homeowners across the UK we questioned, we have been able to paint a picture of their current homes and kitchens, and how they feel about them:

  • One in five people don’t like their current kitchen
  • 31% of homeowners said they need to upgrade their kitchen but are worried about getting the design wrong
  • 52% would like lighting built into their kitchen cabinets
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Three tips for Compact Living

Tip 1: Think about function


Tip 2: Your time in a space


Tip 3: Define with light

Compact homes need to do more with less. Encourage your customers to start by thinking about all the activities they need to do in each area, whether that’s working, working out, socialising, or sleeping.  

Once you know what your customer needs to do in their compact home, think about multi-functionality.  Could it make sense to double, or even triple up a small space for multiple uses with flexible, space saving furniture? Homeowners don’t work and sleep at the same time, so why not combine a sleeping area with a home office using a space saving fold away bed?

 Lighting is the ideal way to define a space, even when it serves multiple purposes in the compact home. Incorporate lighting into your space saving furniture designs to transition an area from its day to evening use at the push of a button.



Compact living and the growing opportunity for designers

With the size of living spaces decreasing, the need for innovative ways of utilising space is increasing.

Our report explores the factors contributing to this growing trend and the opportunities for designers to create more value in a compact space.

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Smarter space solutions from Häfele

At Häfele, we understand the increased demands placed on your living environment and especially in the compact home. Our smarter space solutions are designed to provide more life per square metre, creating flexible small living spaces that can change to whatever your customer needs, quickly and without tools.

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Compact Living Layouts: Product Guide

Layout is the starting point when working out how to create a functional space, especially when the space itself is at a premium.

Compact living has become a lifestyle choice for some, and a necessity for many, as our recent report demonstrated. This creates a huge opportunity for designers, manufacturers and retailers alike.

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Tailor made to your compact home

Compact homes often need bespoke space saving furniture solutions. Service+ Customised, our made-to-order service, allows you to order space saving products cut, packaged and delivered exactly to your brief, saving you time and money.

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FAQs – Compact living design

QI’ve decided to incorporate a sliding door in my compact home design to create a room divider, what do I need?
AYou need our Sliding Door Specification Service. Just contact our team with the size and weight of the door you want to use, and they’ll advise on the best sliding door gear solution for safe, robust and smooth operation.
Q How do I make sure my compact living space feels on trend?
ASpace saving products like JobTisch can be personalised in on trend colours to complement the interior design of your small living space. Lighting is also a great way to inject an added wow factor to the compact home.
QI need my compact home to be accessible too. Can you help?
AAbsolutely, we offer a wide range of accessible living solutions that can be tailored to the compact home. You’ll find our full range here.