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Sliding cabinet doors

Sliding cabinet doors help to maximise space, style and function of rooms and furniture, making them an ideal choice for modern homes and commercial buildings. 

Kitchens in particular are becoming increasingly minimal in design, with only show stopping elements on show. Sliding cabinet doors can be used to hide away other appliances, utensils, crockery and more. And not only can sliding cabinet or cupboard doors complement a kitchen’s aesthetic, but they also save space in comparison to swing out cabinet doors. 

Sliding cabinet doors are also becoming more popular in bathrooms and bedrooms as a sleek addition to modern layouts, which prioritise floor space and understated décor. 

At Häfele, we have a vast range of hardware for sliding cabinet doors to make installing them as straight forward as possible. Our sliding cabinet door gear includes our own brand, Slido, which offers a lifetime guarantee of 10 years.

Product highlights include Slido Classic 60pHawa Junior 80Slido 25/50Slido Classic 50 VFP, and Slido Classic 60 VFT ​​​​​​​