Meet the Team: Adrian Gerrard

Senior Specifications Specialist


With a rich background in kitchen planning and technical support, Adrian could talk you through specifying the hardware solution for a door for almost as long as he could talk to you about football. And yes, we’ve tested it.

Joining the Hafele team in May 2011, Adrian was recruited into our Technical Support department, and quickly developed a thorough understanding of the Architectural products we stock and their many applications. Wanting more of a challenge, Adrian joined the Häfele Solutions department around a year later, a team dedicated to specifying into Projects business across the UK. This department is now known as the Häfele Projects Team, and the name is not the only thing that’s changed since Adrian joined it! Growing in both investment and team capacity, Projects is a key part of the Häfele infrastructure – and now has its own office, where the challenge between Adrian’s Old School Dance music and Andy’s love of the 60’s can be heard across the floor.

Adrian has a GAI accredited Diploma in Architectural Ironmongery and, in 2015, added the Diploma in Fire Doors to his qualifications. He says the best part of his job is being able to look at building plans and visualise walking through the space, specifying the required and legislative products as he goes. On hearing this, the rest of the team finally understand why he’s always so quiet when it’s his coffee round!

Mentorship has always been a key part of development at Häfele, and within Projects Adrian has taken responsibility for mentoring Kyra through her NVQ and onto the level 1 dipGAI qualification. This reward of nurturing talent is also an important part of Adrian’s personal life, as he coaches the local U14s football club and is level 1 FA qualified.

Adrian says: “Working within the Häfele projects team has presented me with some fantastic challenges over the years, and none more so than convincing Mike to keep his Liverpool FC merchandise contained to his office alone. The fast-paced, ever-changing environment we encounter has meant that every day has been different in all my years within the company, and I am looking forward to helping my clients navigate the architectural and design challenges that we will inevitably face in the coming years.”


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