12-15 Rose Square

The Häfele UK Estimating team were thrilled to partner with Heywood Real Estate for the development of 12-15 Rose Square, London. This historic building, which is housed within the prestigious Bromptons’ Estate, was once St Luke’s Chapel – a cornerstone of the Royal Brompton Hospital and run as a charitable organisation for the occupants of the hospital and surrounding community. The eponym of Rose Square is Sir Philip Rose, who played an integral role in founding the landmark Royal Brompton Hospital, which sits directly opposite this high-end residential project.

The apartment itself, which comprises of the original 4 apartments amalgamating into one luxury residential space, has become somewhat of a landmark in its own right. The 404s.ft space was once listed at the largest lateral apartment in London, with 8-bedrooms, 9-bathrooms and a shoe-rack large enough for 500 pairs of shoes, the apartment is 8-times the average UK household’s footprint.

The project, which ran during 2018, was a result of a change in management and their prioritisation of modernising the interiors, making critical structural changes and updating the features and accessories.

The design brief was to source door and window Architectural Ironmongery of the highest quality, reflecting the luxury look of the surroundings, without detracting from the space. The major challenge being to provide the most practical solutions, considering that the existing doors and windows were retained for re-use.

The contractor wanted to keep any retro joinery work to a minimum, therefore creating a demand for suitable hardware with footprints matching existing mortices and holes, to minimise labour costs. As such, the lock cases were bespoke refinished and polished to match the retained existing doors, reflecting the prominence of keeping original features where possible.