Kitchen Accessories Technical FAQS

Please take a moment to look through our frequently asked kitchen accessories technical questions. If your query is not answered here then please feel free to contact us on 0800 171 2908. To view the answers click the relevant question to your query. 

What drawer box do I use with the One2five bin system?

Depending on which packed set you have choosen, you can use the following:

MX - 551.66.505

Indaux  - 554.35.915 or 554.35.315

Dynamic DWD - 559.75.805

Nova Pro - 553.28.266

What gap do I need when fitting a Glass Splashback?

A 2mm gap should be left around all sides.

What silicone should I use when fitting a Glass Splashback?

You need to use a low modulus neutral cure transparent silicone to seal the edges. We recommend using our part number 003.50.028. This silicone can also be used for installation of the splash back when required.

I’m having fitting issues with my HSA pull out larder unit?

> Make sure you have heard 3 clicks on the top runner

> Make sure the securing screw on the back of door is fixed

> Make sure the frame height is correctly adjusted as per the fitting instructions

How can I tell which hand I need for a Wari Corner?

> If your door is on the left as you face it that is left hand

> If your door is on the right as you face it that is right hand

What hinges should I use with the Pull-Down Wire Shelf 504.59.221?

> Hinge – 329.17.600

> Plates – 329.71.503 or 329.71.513, must be used with the pull-down shelf.

What is the cabinet width based on, internal or external width?

The cabinet width is based on the external dimension.