Lighting & Electrical Technical FAQs

Please take a moment to look through our frequently asked lighting and electrical technical questions. If your query is not answered here then please feel free to contact us on 0800 171 2908. To view the answers click the relevant question to your query. 

What has a major effect on the service life of drivers and LEDs?

An ambient temperate and/or voltage that is too high.

How long should the connecting lead of an LED light or LED flexible strip be?

6 metres, as with a longer lead the resistance drops and the specified light intensity can no longer be guaranteed.

What is the service life of the Loox Drivers?

At least 30000 hours at a maximum ambient temperature of 45°c.

Can Loox Lights be used in RVs/Boats?

Yes, but an upstream voltage stabiliser must always be installed, since voltage fluctuations occur in on-board power supplies and voltage peaks (even slight overvoltage) can reduce the service lights of the lights considerably or cause damage.

With the Loox LED system, is the dimmer setting saved if the power fails?

The dimmer setting is saved for the RGB and Multi-White mixers, but the mixer has to have been connected to the mains for at least one minute. The current dimmer switch, 833.89.096 has a memory function that stores the dimmer setting.

Can the Loox LED lighting system be used with a lighting control or home automation system?

The Loox system is not currently compatible with these types of controls.

Can the Loox LED Lighting system be used with a mains dimmer switch?

We do not recommend using a mains dimmer with this system as it will cause the lights to pulse or flash. We would recommend one of the Loox dimmer switches or Loox remote systems where compatible.

Do LEDs generate heat?

All light sources produce heat, even LEDs. However, they do not become very hot, especially if the LEDs are fitted with “heat sinks” as they help to lead the heat away.

When I turn the power or switch off, why do the lights stay on for a few seconds?

Depending on the wattage capacity of the driver and the wattage of the LEDs, there is sometimes some residual power in the driver. This will clear after a few seconds and the lights will go off.

Why does the light flash at regular intervals when it is switched off?

Reason:  This is caused by leakage current in the electrical installation which is charging the capacitor in the driver until it briefly gives off the power at regular intervals to discharge itself and the light therefore briefly flashes.

Solution:  Check the entire installation over, including wattage capacity and connections.

Why does my LED light flash?

Reason:  Flashing is a sign of overloading or underloading

Solution:  Use a driver with a higher wattage or reduce the number of consumers (LEDs, switches etc).

What may be the cause if an RGB LED flexible strip light is only displaying individual colours?

Reason:  The clip connector has been connected the wrong way round or the strip has been connected at the wrong end.

Solution:  Check connections. The strip and connector will each have a small + sign. These must be in-line when connected.

Will my TV fit your TV lift?

You will need to confirm the VESA fixings on the TV. These will be available in the manual or from the TV supplier.

Will my mobile phone be compatible with Häfele wireless charging systems?

You will need to confirm this with the mobile phone supplier or manual. Where the phone is not compatible, there are a number of wireless charge cases available through retailers.