Bespoke Timber Drawer Accessories

Our handmade range of Bespoke Timber Drawers take time, skill, care, and attention to hand craft, and the optional bespoke inserts and accessories are no exception.

All our Bespoke Timber Drawer accessories are hand-made to order providing unparalleled quality and finish to your bespoke specifications through our Häfele to Order service. From in-drawer inserts for cutlery and spice racks to knife blocks and peg boards, our accessories are a must to compliment your bespoke timber drawers with quality that speaks for itself. If you have any specific requirements, simply contact the team to discuss further. 

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Wall Hung Spice Rack

The wall Hung Spice rack allows you to conveniently store all your herbs and spices in one place. 

  • Available in Oak, Walnut & Ply, Lacquered or Un-lacquered 
  • Available in 19mm, 16mm or 13mm Oak or Walnut, 18mm or 15mm Ply
  • Can be made without the curve for shallower units
  • Height, Width and Depth all completely bespoke
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Knife Block

The bespoke timber knife block features a curved design to allow sizes from smaller knifes to larger knifes. 

  • Available in Oak, Walnut & Ply
  • Lacquered or Un-lacquered Oak & Walnut manufactured from solid timber
  • 38mm thick
  • Can be manufactured with an insert as one complete drop-in unit 
  • Bespoke designs available
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In-drawer Spice Rack – Option 1

The in-drawer spice rack allows for herbs and spices to be laid flat with all the labels facing upwards.

  • Available in oak, walnut or ply.
  • Lacquered or Un-lacquered Oak & Walnut
  • Manufactured from solid timber
  • 38mm thick
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In-drawer Spice Rack – Option 2

This in-drawer spice rack design lifts each bottle of herbs or spices up for easy viewing from a front angle.

  • Available in Oak & Walnut
  • Lacquered or Un-lacquered
  • Height of ‘wedge’ approx. 25mm.
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Peg Board

The bespoke timber peg board allows custom storage of any sized plates, cups, saucers etc.

  • Available in lacquered Oak
  • Pegs supplied as per 556.98.490 (6 per set) – 175mm tall
  • 9mm thick board
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Internal Drawer Front​​​​​​​

  • Available in Oak, Walnut & Ply
  • Oak & Walnut available in 16-19mm machined panel, Ply available in 15 / 18mm / 21mm
  • Lacquered or un-lacquered
  • Scalloped or Cut-out handles can be added
  • Available in solid material on request
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Craftsmanship you can trust

Saving you valuable time, while still delivering exceptional quality, Häfele handmade wooden drawers are built in the UK to the highest standards of engineering and craftsmanship. 

With the service, you can be confident you’ll get quality bespoke timber drawers designed and built to the same excellent standards as if you had made them yourself. 

Ideal for busy joiners and furniture makers, our bespoke timber drawer service is quick and easy to use.


1. Submit your brief – Use the form above and we’ll get a price back to you within one working day

2. Confirm your order

3. Quality handmade drawers fully personalised to you in just 12-17 working days


Branded wooden drawers

For the ultimate in personalised design, our bespoke timber drawers can be router or laser engraved. This option is ideal for furniture manufacturers who want to give customers a daily reminder of their brand and logo. 

Exceptional quality as standard

While our timber drawers can be completely personalised, as standard, you can expect the highest quality finish. This includes beautifully finished full dovetail joint for excellent strength and durability.

What’s more, our products are backed by fantastic customer service that makes getting the handmade wooden drawers you need easy and simple.  

Bespoke timber drawers are just one product offered through Häfele to Order, a service where we supply a range of products that are cut, packaged and labelled to your exact requirements.

Looking to place an order or need a quotation? Simply fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

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