Häfele to Order

The Häfele to Order brochure takes you through everything you need to know about our bespoke, made-to-order service.

We know that business efficiencies and reduced costs are more important than ever for businesses like yours. We know that avoiding mistakes, saving time and money are priorities. Through Häfele to Order, you’ll receive your products on-site, made-to-order, packed and labelled to your exact requirements. Ordering is quick and easy.

We are pleased to now offer the he Häfele to Order service across our entire product range; no product is too big or too small so if you could benefit from this service, ask the team how they can help by emailing hafeletoorder@hafele.co.uk.

If you are looking for made-to-order lighting, gola profiles, wardrobs tubes, plinth panels or bespoke packaging, click here to get your order started.

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