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Air Filter, PlasmaMade®

Air Filter, PlasmaMade<sup>®</sup>
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  • Replaces traditional air cleaning method of sucking dirty air outside - works instead using recirculation which eliminates energy and heat loss
  • Air cleaning happens in the device itself, as well as directly in the space of the room where it’s installed
  • Air is cleaned - smells, pollen, allergen and other pollutants are filtered from the air by PlasmaMade® recirculation
  • Self-cleaning filter, no need to replace or clean
  • Makes no sound and also has a noise-reducing effect on the device on which the filter is used
  • Very low in energy consumption (12 watt), using DC technology and a 12-volt power line
  • Filter works with recirculation on the basis of PlasmaMade® technology


For use as a recirculating filter on new and existing suction apparatus
For use as an air filter on air cleaning devices and heat recovery units

Air Filter, PlasmaMade®

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