Air Filter, PlasmaMade®


Air Filter, PlasmaMade<sup>®</sup>
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Air Filter, PlasmaMade<sup>®</sup>
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Air Filter, PlasmaMade<sup>®</sup>
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  • Replaces traditional air cleaning method of sucking dirty air outside - works instead using recirculation which eliminates energy and heat loss
  • Air cleaning happens in the device itself, as well as directly in the space of the room where it’s installed
  • Air is cleaned - smells, pollen, allergen and other pollutants are filtered from the air by PlasmaMade® recirculation
  • Self-cleaning filter, no need to replace or clean
  • Makes no sound and also has a noise-reducing effect on the device on which the filter is used
  • Very low in energy consumption (12 watt), using DC technology and a 12-volt power line
  • Filter works with recirculation on the basis of PlasmaMade® technology


For use as a recirculating filter on new and existing suction apparatus
For use as an air filter on air cleaning devices and heat recovery units
Manuals and Videos
  • Plasmamade®

    THe Plasmamade® air filter guarantees:


    Healthy Air

    -In spaces where many people live or work the air can contain all kinds of unhealthy substances such as bacteria, mold and viruses. The air cleaning action of the Plasmamade® air filter deactivates these substances, minimizing transference to other people

    -Effective against airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, harmful gas, cigarette smoke and nicotine


    Clean Air

    -The Plasmamade® air filter also removes unseen substances such as pollen, house dust and other allergen, thus decreasing the chance of allergic reactions to those living or working in that space


    Fresh Air

    -Unpleasant smells from food, cigarettes or animals can all be broken down by the Plasmamade® air filter to ensure the room stays fresh

    -In addition the air filter also generates negative oxygen ions, which is refreshing for both body and mind

    -Effective against headaches, sick-building syndrome, unpleasant smells and loss of concerntration


    With standard usage the air filter can be expected to last 10 years


    Air Filter, PlasmaMade®

    • Watch video about PlasmaMade®

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