Cranked Hinge, for Butting, Overlay Doors, Brass

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  • Butt hinges

    Left hand or right hand hinge

    To distinguish between hinges with screw-on flanges, view them in open position from the front against the countersunk screw hole side.

    If the female flange (= door flange) is on the left, it is a left hand hinge. If it is on the right, it is a right hand hinge.


    ⓐ = female flange (= door flange)


    ⓑ = male flange (= side flange)

    Left hand hinge

    Right hand hinge



    There are 5 different types of crank.


    Crank A, straight hinge

    For butting inset or overlay doors.

    The hinge pin is positioned centrally between the two flanges.

    Crank B

    For set back doors.

    One flange is cranked by the material thickness.

    Crank C

    Crank C is equivalent to crank B, but causes the door to protrude.

    Crank D

    For rebated doors, with shorter female flange.

    Crank L1

    For butting overlay doors. Door opening angle 270°. The hinge has an external knuckle.


    Number of furniture hinges per door

    The number of concealed hinges per door depends on:

    • Door width and height
    • Door weight
    • Door material

    The number of furniture hinges shown in the diagram is a recommendation and provides a guideline for 600 mm wide doors made from 19 mm chipboard. Trial mounting is recommended. The distance X between the furniture hinges must always be as long as possible for stability reasons.

    According to the example diagram two furniture hinges have to be fitted with a door height of 900 mm.

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    Cranked Hinge, for Butting, Overlay Doors, Brass

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      Matt nickel plated

    • Crank L1

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    Cranked Hinge, for Butting, Overlay Doors, Brass

    Right hand, matt nickel plated

    Art. no. 307.01.627

    Cranked Hinge, for Butting, Overlay Doors, Brass

    Left hand, matt nickel plated

    Art. no. 307.01.636
    Product details


    Matt nickel plated


    For butting overlay doors

    Door thickness

    20 - 21 mm

    For side panel thickness

    As required


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    Order Hospa Ø 3.0 mm countersunk screws separately

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