Drawer Runners, 50 kg, Full Extension, Length 400-500 mm, MX

  • Planning dimensions
  • Drawer/pull out for door front fixing

    Internal drawer/internal pull out

    Moovit MX, the modular drawer system, opens up new design opportunities for kitchens, living rooms, offices, bathrooms, laboratories and store fixtures. Robust, contemporary and easy to install.

    • Appealing trend colours
    • Streamline design
    • Vertically running inner drawer side 90°
    • Fine adjustment from above
    • material: Steel
    • Finish: Cabinet rail galvanized, Drawer sides available in 5 colours
    • Type of pull out: Full extension, with integrated soft closing and self closing mechanisms. Progressive roller for smooth running action.

    5 drawer side colours are available



    Metallic silver

    Metallic anthracite

    Metallic bronze brown

    Product highlights

    For universal use

    With the motto "LET LIFE COME TO YOU", Moovit MX offers a contemporary, universally deployable drawer side runner system which with its modularity and universal deployment transforms any area – whether in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room, in the laboratory, in the office or the store – into an area where the customer will immediately feel comfortable and well equipped.


    Can be individually designed

    Due to its modularity, Moovit MX offers countless design and customisation options. The new colour and finish concept with 3 new trend colours is a real stunner from the moment the front panel opens. This impression is strengthened by the contemporary and elegant square railing. Rounded off with the Moovit MX panel holder, every drawer side can be further customised to the customer's individual wishes – even the most unusual ones. Inserts made from glass, wood, or stone continue the customisations and lend a unique note to every piece of furniture.


    Functional installation

    Moovit MX can be easily and functionally assembled and installed thanks to its well thought-out basic structure. Rational and functional manufacture possible due to the identical cut width for base panel and rear panel. The pre-mounted rear panel fitting allows the construction of a Moovit MX drawer to be done quickly and easily. Front panel installation and disassembly without tools and the adjustment of the front panel from above clearly simplify the installation.

  • Häfele Moovit MX planning and installation
  • Definition


    ⓐ cabinet rail

    ⓑ Drawer sides with cover caps

    ⓒ Front fixing bracket

    ⓓ Panel for internal drawer/internal pull out

    ⓔ Holder for internal drawer

    ⓕ Holder for internal pull out

    ⓖ Side railing round/square

    ⓗ Cross rail

    ⓘ Cross railing holder

    ⓙ Height extension side panel

    ⓚ Panel holder (not shown)

    ⓛ Stabilising plate for panel


    Drawer side design

    Drawer side height 60 mm


    Drawer side height 92 mm

    With railing round or rectangular

    With panel holder

    Drawer side height 115 mm

    With railing round or rectangular

    With panel holder


    Drilling pattern for cabinet

    For drawer side height 60 mm

    Drawer and pull out: screw hole

    internal drawer and internal pull out:

    With ≤19 mm wooden panel: 1st screw hole

    Front gap 1 mm


    For drawer side height 92 mm and 115 mm

    Drawer and pull out: 3. screw hole

    internal drawer and internal pull out:

    With <19 mm wooden panel: 1st screw hole

    With aluminium panel: 2nd screw hole

    Front gap 1 mm


    Cutting dimensions for panels (panel thickness of 16 mm)



    Rear panel


    A = nominal length – 3 mm

    B = internal cabinet width – 62 mm

    C = height


    drawer side height

    Load bearing capacity

    Rear panel height C

    60 mm

    30/50 kg

    53 mm

    92 mm30/50/70 kg

    69 mm

    115 mm

    30/50/70 kg

    92 mm

    Railing/height extension side panel/panel holder 92 mm

    30/50/70 kg

    157 mm

    Railing/height extension side panel/panel holder 115 mm

    30/50/70 kg

    180 mm


    Cutting dimensions for internal pull out

    ⓓ Panel:

    Internal cabinet width – 80 mm

    ⓗ Cross railing for front panel:

    Internal cabinet width – 76 mm

    Cross rail for subdivision:

    Internal cabinet width – 80 mm


    Cutting dimensions for self-manufactured insert elements

    Length A = nominal length of cabinet rail – 45 mm

    Height B = 82 mm


    Calculation of the internal drawer space dimensions

    Internal drawer width, e.g.

    External cabinet width

    600 mm

    – (2 x side panel thickness)

    – (2 x 19 mm = 38 mm)

    – (2 x installation dimension)

    – (2 x 31 mm = 62 mm)

    = internal drawer width

    = 500 mm


    External cabinet width mm






    Side panel thickness mm

    Internal drawer width mm














    Internal drawer depth, e.g.

    Nominal length cabinet rail

    500 mm

    – installation dimension

    – 3 mm

    – rear panel thickness

    – 16 mm

    = internal drawer depth

    = 481 mm


    Internal cabinet depth

    Min. internal cabinet depth = nominal length NL + 3 mm


    Adjustment facilities drawer side height 60 mm

    Side adjustment

    Height adjustment

    Cover cap and front fixing bracket fixing


    Adjustment facilities drawer side height 90 mm and 115 mm

    Convenient height and side adjustment from above when installed


    No tools required for mounting and removing the panel



    Side adjustment of 92 mm drawer sides: On right hand side

    Side adjustment of 115 mm drawer sides: On both sides


    Installation and removal of the drawer


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    Product details
    • Full extension synchronised roller runners
    • With integrated Smuso soft-closing and self-closing mechanisms

    Load bearing capacity

    50 kg


    25 years




    Product Features

    Order reference

    Order drawer sides, accessories and Varianta Ø 5 mm countersunk screws separately

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    Drawer Runners, 50 kg, Full Extension, Length 400-500 mm, MX

    • Internal installation height

      * the top fixing screw is not required for drawer sets with load bearing capacity of 30 kg.

    • This product is covered for 25 years under Häfele's Lifetime Guarantee. T&C's apply.

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