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Fastener, Haas


Fastener, Haas
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Product details

  • Can be used to fasten T- joints, corner butt joints and mitre joints so that they are not only secure but can also be released again at any time if required
  • Two identical components with harpoon-type barbs are installed in pre-glued, milled-out grooves in the opposing cabinet elements with the aid of the special driving tool to guarantee a secure mounting of both elements


For T-connections, flush angle connection fittings and mitred angle connections


For press fitting into milled grooves


With harpoon-type barbs


25 years

Warranty information

This product is covered under Häfele’s Lifetime Guarantee.

All products covered under the Häfele Lifetime Guarantee have met our quality standards and have been tested according to the relevant industry certification.

All products under this guarantee are covered for normal use of the products in a domestic environment - for commercial environments our standard 12 month guarantee would apply.

For more information go to:

Services > Customer Support > Häfele Lifetime Guarantee


Fastener, Haas


  • This product is covered for 25 years under Häfele's Lifetime Guarantee. T&C's apply.

Image may show a similar article, please check product details.


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