Metal Cavity Fixing, Fischer HM 5


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Metal Cavity Fixing, Fischer HM 5

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    D = drill bit Ø
    T = drill hole depth
    Dp = panel thickness
    L = wall plug length

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Metal Cavity Fixing, Fischer HM 5

Length 37 mm, 6-15 mm for board thickness, dril Ø 10 mm, min. drill hole depth 45 mm

Art. no. 051.80.003

Metal Cavity Fixing, Fischer HM 5

Length 65 mm, for board thickness 20-34 mm, drill Ø 10 mm, min. drill hole depth 71 mm

Art. no. 051.80.005
Product details

After installation, screw supplied can be replaced with hook, eyelet, threaded pin with metric thread, as fixing always remains in its expanded position
Fixing can be expanded either by tightening the screw or pulling it with installation pliers

Drill bits

10 mm

Area of application

For plasterboard, fibreboard, chipboard, fibre cement board, lightweight woodshaving
board, hard fibreboard, hollow brick, hollow stone floors




zinc plated


With M6 screw


Expanding arms and radial pressure increase the load bearing capacity and security
Claws prevent the wall plug from rotating when being installed
The flush-fitted, permanently expanded wall plug allows removing and refitting of the surface mounted part for several times
Each dimension covers an extensive range of panel thicknesses

Installation reference

The wall plug can be mounted either with installation pliers (051.81.010), cordless screwdriver or screwdriver

Technical data attributes
Technical Data
Drill bits8 mm10 mm10 mm10 mm12 mm12 mm12 mm
Drill hole depth min.42 mm47 mm62 mm75 mm47 mm62 mm65 mm
Panel thickness3 – 13 mm6 – 15 mm7 – 21 mm20 – 34 mm6 – 15 mm10 – 21 mm10 – 21 mm
Dowel length32 mm37 mm52 mm65 mm37 mm52 mm55 mm
Screw dimensionsM4 x 40 mmM5 x 45 mmM5 x 60 mmM5 x 73 mmM6 x 45 mmM6 x 60 mmM8 x 60 mm
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