Multi-Locking Adapter, MLA 8, Dialock

Anthracite/light grey finish

Art. no. 910.51.084

    Anthracite/light grey finish

    Art. no. 910.51.084

    Art. no. 910.51.084


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    Article details
    • For direct connection of 8 ELF 3 or EFL 3C furniture lock cases with confirmation contact to one FT 120 in same locking area - keyed alike
    • For maximum 16 MLA 8 connected in series (128 furniture locks)

    Technical data:

    • EFL 3 furniture lock case output: 12 V
    • Confirmation contact: 24 V, 1 A max
    • Connector on lock side: RJ 10
    • Connector on DFT side: Molex 87833-042
    MLA 8 multi-locking adapter


    Electronic multi-lock adapter for indoor use: For keyed alike and/or keyed to differ EFL furniture locks


    With RJ 10 socket for EFL 3 and/or EFL 3C furniture locks
    with AMP socket for EFL 1, EFL 1C, EFL 6, EFL 41 and/or EFL 7 furniture locks
    with RJ11 socket for FT 120, FT 130 furniture terminal
    with mains lead and data cable
    programming is carried out outside the furniture
    LEDs for function control and error detection next to each of the 8 output ports




    Housing: Light grey
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    Product Features

    Supplied with


    1 x MLA 8 multi-locking connector

    1 x Cable for connecting to FT 120 furniture terminal

    Order reference

    Please order fixing material (Hospa countersunk screws 4 x 35/4 x 55) separately.

    The MLA 8 must be trained at the FT 120, FT 130 furniture terminal with the configuration card # 89 (917.42.122) so that it is recognised during initial programming.


    Multi-Locking Adapter, MLA 8, Dialock

    Dialock®, Anthracite/light grey finish

    • see key


      Vin (voltage supply)


      Contact NC (for external systems)


      Vout (output current)


      to EFL 3 and EFL 3C(furniture lock)


      Data out (to other MLA 8)


      to EFL 1/1C/6/41 and 7(furniture lock)


      Data in (from FT 120/130)


      LED 1–8 (control light)

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