Universal Frame Plug, with Galvanized Steel Safety Screw and T-Star Drive Head, FUR



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    Cladding and facing (wooden subconstruction): Fixing laths, joists, beams and frames, mainly on exterior walls. Facade cladding (metal subconstruction): Fixing metal brackets and rails on exterior walls
    Window fittings (wood, PVC, metal): Fixing brackets and profiles for windows or window-supports
    Roofs: Fixing laths and planks e.g., on roof edges. Partly the same applications as with facade claddings
    Shop windows: Fixing brackets, rails, profiles and frames, both interior and exterior, fire-proof doors
    Interior fittings: Fixings laths, beams and joists, metal brackets etc., mainly interior applications
    Other building situations: Fixing various objects made of wood, plastic or metal, such as radiator brackets, wall cupboards, wall cable ducts, panel brackets, facing brackets and shelves

    Suitable for

    All concrete and brickwork, from perforated bricks to gas concrete and other building materials with a low compression strength


    T-star drive head TS40

    Type of head

    Countersunk head




    Safety screw and T-star drive head: Steel
    Dowel: Nylon

    Universal Frame Plug, with Galvanized Steel Safety Screw and T-Star Drive Head, FUR

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      D = drill bit Ø

      T = drill hole depth

      L = wall plug length

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