Sliding & Folding Door Gear for Furniture

Sliding door gear for furniture

Sliding doors for furniture are great if you’re limited on space, as swing doors can make a room feel even more cramped. Available in a variety of designs and styles to suit any aesthetic, sliding doors for furniture maximise available space when in use, offer a seamless finish when closed, and give users complete access inside the furniture.

At Häfele, we have a vast range of sliding door gear for furniture, which is compatible across many different types of applications, such as kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, tv cabinets and more. All of our fitting systems for sliding furniture doors are made up of tracks, running gear or trolley hangers, and bottom guides or tracks.

Whether you opt for a pivot system, like the Hawa Concepta which offers a minimalistic finish with its foldaway solution, or a sliding range such as the Eku Frontino, which arrives as a pre-assembled fitting set for easy installation, we have a solution for you. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​We’ve changed the name of the products within our Häfele Manufactured range of sliding door gear, Slido. The new names will help you to identify the best system for your desired application. As you browse through our range you will see that names like Slido Classic and Slido Design are no longer being used. Instead we have introduced SLIDO Room, SLIDO Furniture, SLIDO Door and SLIDO Wall. However please be assured that the products specifications remain exactly the same and in some cases we have improved performance on the running gear and soft close.  You will still be able to search for them using the old name.

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