Grass Nova Pro Drawer System

The Grass Nova Pro brand has become synonymous with exceptional quality, stability and smooth-glide double-wall drawers. As a distinctive feature of high-quality furniture, Nova Pro features a fully synchronised slide technology without a midway knock - a first in furniture design.

All of the products in the Nova Pro range provide advantages which are not visible, but can be felt in each movement. The addition of the unique soft-close mechanisms ensure that movement is smooth and soft every time. It is this technology, combined with an unsurpassed utilisation of space, that makes the drawer systems in the Nova Pro range a complete solution.

The brand-new Nova Pro Scala Drawer System is now available from Häfele. This latest innovation within the Nova Pro brand develops on both this reputation for excellence, and innovative technology, providing yet more quality and versatility to customers.

Space optimisation to the maximum

Nova Pro Scala maximises the amount of space available like never before. The latest offering retains the proven technology inside the drawer, offers a straight inside surface and minimum construction width, to provide revolutionary space optimisation.

Soft-close sophistication

The soft-close mechanism ensures that Nova Pro Scala drawers smoothly and softly brake, with the integration of the specially developed liquid damper. This high-tech fluid enables the closing movement to feel lighter than previous drawer systems.


Nova Pro Scala provides exceptional versatility. Exterior finishes can be changed to meet individual preferences and offer complete flexibility. Glass, wood or metal finishes can be combined with four standard drawer heights, resulting in a truly modular system.

Tavinea Drawer System

Alongside the launch of Nova Pro Scala, Grass have designed the Tavinea drawer organisation system, providing stylish and functional interior storage. Structural elements in aluminium and flexible components in wood provide an eye-catching style option for modern furniture.

Grass Nova Pro Installation

Nova Pro Tipmatic Soft-Close assembly instruction:

The complete step-by-step installation video to assist you with Nova Pro assembly: