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Sliding and folding patio doors

A beautiful patio is an asset to any home. Sliding and folding patio doors can help make the most of the garden, connecting the indoors and outdoors while transforming a property by allowing increased natural light to flood a room. As such, they’ve become a staple choice for homeowners.

Sliding and folding patio doors have different advantages. Folding systems allow all the doors to push to one side, opening up the complete space. Meanwhile, straight sliding patio doors give unbroken sight lines even when closed.

At Häfele, we have a wide range of sliding and folding patio door gear to suit any residential or commercial application, whether that’s a home, office, hotel or elsewhere. Our fitting systems for sliding and folding patio doors are reliable, functional and durable, and can be tailored to suit a variety of design schemes, so there will always be a system to suit your needs.

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