Häfele Design Partner Sandwich Bag Offer

Find your nearest sandwich bag outlet



We recently launched the first Häfele Design Partner showroom, in partnership with Daro UK. The showroom enables local tradespeople to walk into Daro and experience Häfele products first hand, as well as being able to shop the full Häfele offering of 25,000 products.

To celebrate the launch, we're offering our customers in the London area the chance to get 10% off their order at Daro. Cafe's in the area local to Daro will be serving food in Häfele Design Partner sandwich bags, all of which have a discount code for customers to quote when they step into Daro.

The below list and map detail where customers can find their nearest outlet.

The offer runs until 14th May 2018 with one discount valid per account.

Aydil Café, 16A Bidder Street, London, E164ST

Abigail's Café, 155 Barking Road, London, E164HQ

Rose Café, 159 Barking Road, London, E164HQ

Kings Café, 9 Cundy Road, London, E163DJ

Delicios Café & Sandwich Bar, 556 Barking Road, London, E139JU

Friends Coffee House, 749 Barking Road, London, E139ER

Café at 48, 48 Upton Lane, London, E79LN

Ken's Café, 467 Green Street, London, E139AX

Aunt Sally's, 14 Pilgrims Way, London, E61HW

Newham Café, 359 Barking Road, London, E61LA

Friendly Café, 495 Barking Road, London, E62LN

Pop In Café, 418 Barking Road, London, E62SA

Parkside Café, 127 High Street South, London, E63PA

Galleon Café 34 Abbey Road, Barking, IG117BT

Munchies, 32 Ripple Road, Barking, IG117PG