Getting Smart with Space in the Bedroom


We previously wrote about the trend for "micro homes" as Britain's homes continue to decrease in size, and the impact that this has on demand for solutions that bring innovative storage and solutions to smaller living spaces, focusing on kitchens. In this article, we focus on solutions for the bedroom as this living space also decreases in size, whilst increasing in demand for innovation.

mirror1. A Pull-out Pivoting Wardrobe Mirror (805.79.090) can be a simple way to keep the necessary accessories in the bedroom, in a concealed and functional way. Allowing you to pull out and pivot the mirror when needed, or neatly hide it away. View here.






hawa2. The Hawa Concepta for Pivot Sliding Cabinet Doors (408.30.015) Perfect for creating additional bedroom storage,without the hassle of protruding wardrobe doors. The Pivot sliding doors offer optimum flexible room utilisation with no obstructions. Find out more.






servetto3. Servetto Pull Down Wardrobe Rails (805.20.326) provide a full height space saving solution to make the most out of your wardrobe space. Order now.