Häfele brings the Ninka Qanto to the UK market

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with furniture manufacturer Ninka to bring the innovative Qanto corner storage unit to the UK market.


Available exclusively through Häfele in the UK, Qanto is a complete, pre-assembled cabinet that transforms previously inaccessible kitchen corner-space into a key storage asset.  The cabinet provides two or three storage trays, crafted from high-quality, easy-clean ABS, that rise to kitchen-surface level at the touch of a button.   


Qanto uses a linear drive as the lifting mechanism, ensuring that the trays are able to move smoothly and steadily.  It is also equipped with an in-built safety mechanism which eliminates the risk of objects getting trapped in the moving column.


Chloë Thacker, Marketing Director, Häfele UK comments: “The Ninka Qanto is a truly innovative design, one which allows homeowners to realise every inch of value from their kitchen layout. As the footprint of a typical home gets smaller, consumer demand for more technological, space-saving and adaptive furniture solutions is increasing and Häfele is committed to providing innovative solutions to meet this demand.” 

Find out more about Ninka Qanto here




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