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More Life Per M2

Compact Living is all about optimising your customers’ space, especially when they live in or move into smaller homes, or co-habit with other people. 

Here in Britain our houses are among the smallest in Europe, with an average floor space of just 76sq m, compared to 137sq m in Denmark, for example.  With houses getting smaller and homeowners prioritising location over square footage, using space efficiently should be a fundamental tenet of residential design.  

more life per m2 floorplan

You can bring more life per m² in even the most compact of living environments by incorporating innovative solutions into your design that help you to get smarter with space. These could include audio solutions, concealed storage or sliding doors, which use less space than hinged doors. For example, by encouraging your customers to replace doors with sliding, pivot or pocket systems, you could help them to free up more floor space but still keep the option of closing off separate areas as desired.  

Necessity isn’t the only driver behind this increasingly popular trend. In fact, these solutions are not only space-optimising but can also bring a highly desirable aesthetic to a design, as well as add an impressive wow-factor finish.  

Here at Häfele, More life per M² is our company ethos, and we have thousands of products and solutions that can help your customers get the most out of their space.  Here are a few examples:

Sliding Door Gear

Hawa Junior

The Hawa Junior 80/B allows you to save your customers’ valuable floor space. This top-hung system for internal pocket doors is supplied with everything you need for straightforward installation, including running gears with support profile, suspension carriage and long hanger bolt.

Slido Pocket

The Slido Pocket Door Optimo 80 is a strong and durable pocket door system for straight doors is supplied in flat pack format to make handling and storage easier. The system comes in two different sizes to support different door heights and can support a door weight of up to 160kg (80kg if soft close.)  Covered by Häfele’s Lifetime Guarantee.


The Slido Fold 100 U is a high-quality folding door system for external patio doors is a great way to save on space, or open it up to outdoor space. Fully security and weather tested, the system is covered by Häfele's Lifetime Guarantee.

Space-Saving Storage


Supplied as a complete, pre-assembled unit, the Ninka Qanto is a cabinet that transforms inaccessible kitchen corners into valuable storage space. Its storage trays rise to kitchen surface level at the touch of a button.   .  

COMING SOON  to Häfele, this easily accessible pre-assembled drawer system from movement specialist GRASS allows drawer contents to be easily viewed-and accessed- from all angles. It can be customised with various height and width variations to suit your customers’ needs.



Make the most of the vertical space in your customers’ kitchen with this stylish, Vertical Powerdock, ideal for chargers and appliances.


Slimline in form, easy to install but still offering a high level of design flexibility, Loox LED lights are the ultimate, space-saving lighting solution. All Loox products are covered by the Häfele Lifetime Guarantee.

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Ironing Board

This wall mounting ironing board is a great space saving solution to bring added functionality into your design. It can be locked in a left, right or inclined position and has a swivel range of 180˚.  The product comes fully assembled, with operating and mounting instructions.

Table and Chairs

This Table Top Swivel Fitting Set allows one piece of furniture to function as both a sideboard and a table- ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium.  The set comprises everything you need for easy installation, including comprehensive instructions.


You can find out more about More Life Per M ² in What's New: The Spring Edit 2019. Find out more and order your FREE copy here.

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