CPD Seminars by Häfele

Hafele joined the RIBA CPD network providers in September 2006, with the main objective being to promote the correct specification to the decision makers and specifiers within the UK architectural and construction industry.

Our first seminar ‘The What, Why and Where of Sliding Door Gear’ approved in 2006 was extremely popular being presented to Architect practices across the UK and Ireland.  We have since gone on to release a further 4 seminars, and are involved in 12-15 RIBA roadshows each year in addition to presenting at other venues. 

We do not hold minimum attendance figures which we believe contributes to their popularity, and have also presented to other construction professionals including Clerk of Works, Facility Managers, Glazing Project Managers amongst others.

The duration for each seminar is approx. 45 minutes plus questions.  Please find details of the seminars offered below:

The What, Why and Where of Sliding Door Gear:

  • To provide an understanding of straight sliding, sliding folding and sliding stacking systems
  • To highlight the advantages and disadvantages of various door systems
  • To offer a guide to the criteria needed to specify door gear
  • To provide examples of installations of various door systems

Specifying Door Ironmongery – A Basic Guide:

  • A guide to the 5 basic elements that are used when specifying door hardware

  • Examining hardware that is used to hang, operate, lock, close and protect a door in detail
  • The building standards to be taken into account for each element
  • Examples of generic door sets for common openings

Specifying Architectural Hardware for Inclusive Design:

  • Legislation – including the Equality Act, BS8300:23009 and Document M
  • Specifying door hardware for accessible routes (Door furniture, thresholds and opening forces)
  • Hardware for accessible bathrooms and changing rooms

Frameless Glass Fittings

  • Provides an overview of the differences between glass types
  • Explains the correct specification of hardware for a range of door, partition and canopy systems.

To book one of our popular seminars or for further information please contact cpd@hafele.co.uk or complete the below form:

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