Vauth Sagel Warranty


Congratulations on the purchase of this quality product!

Kitchen storage and waste management systems from Vauth Sagel are quality products which guarantee the highest technical precision, outstanding functional qualities, absolute reliability, and progressive design.

Our kitchen storage systems as well as our waste management systems are all manufactured in Germany to the highest industrial standards and reflect the expertise and experience gained over 55 years as a developer and manufacturer.

The Vauth-Sagel products that you have purchased through Häfele UK Ltd are of excellent quality and workmanship and are extensively tested.  Vauth-Sagel has hence set out to guarantee their products are free from construction, material and manufacturing defects for up to 10 years from the purchase of the items. 

If however you feel there are manufacturing defects or functional flaws within the product(s), we will replace or repair them free of charge, subject to the clauses outlined below. This is merely a gesture of goodwill and only valid for products purchased from Häfele UK Ltd. within the United Kingdom.

  1. Extent of the Guarantee

Vauth-Sagel Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Vauth-Sagel) offers first-time customers (‘first-time customers’ are trade organisations purchasing Vauth-Sagel goods directly from Häfele UK Ltd.) a manufacturer’s guarantee in addition to the statutory warranty the first-time customer is entitled to from Häfele UK Ltd.

Vauth-Sagel guarantees first-time customers that its products are free from construction, material and manufacturing defect. Compensation claims, especially compensation for consequential damages only exist to the extent stipulated by mandatory legal provisions.

The guarantee is valid for ten years from the date of purchase from Häfele UK Ltd.  (proof of purchase/invoice date).  The guarantee is not extended and renewed based on services rendered in the context of this Guarantee, especially repairing or replacing the product.

  1. Expiration of the Guarantee

The Vauth-Sagel Manufacturers Guarantee expires in the event of improper installation, commissioning or maintenance in terms of the operating instructions and the accepted rules of technology. 

The Vauth-Sagel Manufacturers Guarantee expires, in particular, if installation, commissioning, maintenance, or repair is not performed by a specialist company or the products fitted with unsuitable accessories or parts or in case of use contrary to the assembly, operating and care instructions available from Vauth-Sagel, or if there are none, good trade practice.

  1. Exclusions

Excluded from the Vauth-Sagel Manufacturers Guarantee are:

  • Damage due to chemical or electrochemical influences, environmental impacts or improper use;
  • Wear-and-tear parts, in particular, guide rails;
  • Defects to the product that were caused during installation or transport;
  • Insignificant deviations that do not influence the utility value of the product;
  • Sample, exhibition or demonstration products;
  • Damage caused by the faulty product.

In addition, the Guarantee ends in cases of:

  • Damage that can be traced back to normal wear or deliberate damage
  • Faulty installation, commissioning or maintenance
  • Utilisation that is not in line with their purpose
  • Damage caused by force majeure or natural disasters, in particular floods or fires
  • Damage caused by third parties, in particular, salesmen and fitters
  • Installation, maintenance, repair and care are provided by unqualified persons
  • Non-compliance with fitting, operating and care instructions
  • Installation of non-original Vauth-Sagel replacement parts

Any claims for products used in furniture for commercial purposes will be handled on a case by case basis.

  1. Processing Guarantee Claims

Any claim by first-time customers against the Vauth-Sagel Manufacturers Guarantee must be sent to within 14 days of the possible defect being detected.  You must provide your Häfele invoice number as proof of purchase as well as explaining the nature of the possible defect and also providing photographic images of the product(s).

Should it be required, you will be responsible for returning the defective product to Häfele UK Ltd, Swift Valley Industrial Estate, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 1RD to allow inspection and to assess if the defect is covered under this warranty.

In the event of a Guarantee claim, Vauth-Sagel will make the necessary parts available for the first-time customer to arrange repair by a local specialist at their expense.  The Vauth-Sagel Manufacturers Guarantee covers the free delivery of the necessary parts.

Vauth-Sagel reserve the right to, instead of delivering parts, replace the defective product free of charge with a new product of equal kind, equal value and equal type.  If the product concerned can no longer be supplied, Vauth-Sagel is entitled to make a different product available or reimburse the purchase price. 

In addition, Vauth-Sagel bears the transport or dispatch costs to an appropriate degree.  All costs beyond this, especially in connection with de-installation, re-installation or other measures are borne by the first-time customer.

  1. Miscellaneous

Statutory rights are not affected by the Vauth-Sagel Manufacturers Guarantee and, if more beneficial to the first-time customer, are not limited by the Guarantee.  In addition, rights that the first-time customer may have via Häfele UK Ltd. remain unaffected.

The Vauth-Sagel Manufacturers Guarantee is subject to German law.  Place of fulfilment for liabilities under the Vauth-Sagel Manufacturers Guarantee is Brakel-Erkeln, Germany.  The legal venue is agreed to be the head office of Vauth-Sagel provided this is legally permissible.

Brakel-Erkeln, May 2017